Know These 8 Things Before You Allow Your Boyfriend To Tape Your Private Moments!


Love, romance and relationships seem to have taken a different digression altogether, with the technology storming our lives, in every possible corner.

Thus, filming private moments is one of the frenzies that we witness everyday, in this rapidly pacing digital world.

Today’s exceptionally advanced smart phones put a video camera and audio recorder in every pocket, allowing people to capture anything and everything no matter how inappropriately the truth is obtained on the recording and how gross it can affect the lives, especially if it’s a girl’s recording or images in the question. 

If you are a girl in a relationship and your partner often coaxes you to tape your private moments, you need to know these 8 things very clearly. 

  1. Making such sex video at first place, is a huge signal that your beau is not emotionally into you. Or else he would never put your safety and security on the question, by putting your explicit images on a digitally unsafe space, which travels at an alarming speed without you or him even knowing it. Smartphone apps that we use these days, give a lot of access to anything and everything available on our phone, without our knowledge.
  1. Your “going all fine and full of love” relationship with your boyfriend is not at all the guarantee that the video or photographs will remain between both of you. One fight or a rift over some negligible issue and you are screwed forever, when he decides to circulate the same in an angry moment.
  1. Filming private moments is a serious breach of privacy and your BF is outright DUMB to ‘think’ that it wouldn’t matter that much! It can call legal complications, and utterly serious ones here!
  1. Even if the video is made with your consent, and your boyfriend has taken an oath never to make it public, you both can face deep confrontations from your parents if your antics are found by a friend and declared to your parents. The most horrendous situation is when the phone is stolen or you lose it somewhere! Just imagine the consequences then! I can’t even start to imagine!
  1. Showing private moment photos to “close friends” can be cute for a while, but it’s sheer stupidity in a long run, simply because you are never sure of your friendships and their expiry dates. It’s really one thing to talk about your relationship with a friend, but quite another to show graphic intimate moments to a pal.
  1. Social media networks provide immediate, global and eternal exposure to the sound bytes and 6-second video clips of the best “at-their-worst” situations that are totally not ready for public consumption. And anyone can post anything, without ever having taken any ethics courses. Your boyfriend may be one of those non-ethical people in his fun moments.
  1. Every day a shocking number of around 40,000 private sex clips are uploaded on the porn sites, which of course do not come with girl’s happy consent slip. Any girl with a sane mind would never want her sex clip to be uploaded for people to masturbate on it. These, most definitely, are the clips, recorded for private love making sessions which girls naively say yes to, in order to please their boyfriends. And the clever boyfriends sell them to porn sites, making extra some moolah, as a bonus to bedroom moments with girlfriend.
  1. Private moments of love and intimacy are to be recorded in your head, and never on your cameras or phones, if at all you want them to be with you in the moments of remembrance. And you must tell this to your boyfriend too. 

Now that we have established that intimate moments are NEVER to be recorded, let’s work on the ones already recorded and must be deleted immediately. 

  • Delete such videos and photos from your phone and your boyfriend’s phone immediately.
  • If he refuses to delete, you may warn him of the potential threat he is posing to the relationship with you. You would never want to be in any relation with a man who doesn’t respect your privacy and security.
  • Make sure he has not made any copies before deleting the videos or images in front of you.
  • If at all you are dealing with the one who is clever, handle him cleverly. Maybe you can tell him that the current one doesn’t really look that good. Lure him into giving another opportunity of making another sexier video, if he deletes the present one.

It’s your life, and definitely your responsibility to keep it away from all the filth it may cause, being sucked in the ever growing demands of digitised love and relationships! 

Better be safe than sorry forever!

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