8 Sex-Related Questions You Need To Ask Your Partner To Spice Up Things!

Sex-Related Questions To Ask

Sex-Related Questions To Ask – Are you wondering about how to get your partner in the mood? Oh well, then you must surely ask these spicy questions to light up the mood in the bedroom. You know; things get boring when you do the same thing daily, right? To maintain a relationship and to maintain the high level of intimacy, you need to do something really exciting.

Sexist looks and cute talks definitely work in a relationship. But you know that it is not really enough to spice things up. If you’re someone who is looking for some great conversation starter than can lead to light up the mood, then you must ask these questions.

The questions listed below will help you keep the conversation going on and it’ll also keep your partner interested without getting bored.

Right questions matters a lot.

So always remember to ask the right ones without any sexual tension. Do you get it? I’ll guess so.

Sex-Related Questions To Ask – 

  1. What is your favorite place to be touched?

It’s good if you have this kind of discussion with your partner, because then things get easy and interesting. You know, knowing what your partner loves the most can help you with positive points.

So, go ahead and talk about it. Lips are not always the loved place, so explore other places too.

  1. While getting close, what is the thing that you love the most?

Ask your partner about the sexual thing that they love the most during your sexual scenario. This will certainly help you make your intimacy lasts and you know; it’ll be better all the time.

  1. Is there any position you want to try?

It is quite obvious that a person secretly love a certain position, right? So, ask your partner about it. Go ahead, and ask “is there any position that interest you or something like that…”

  1. What is the dirtiest thing you ever did?

Get down and dirty. You know; but understand that if your partner isn’t comfortable with it, then it’s okay because there are other questions too. Ask it up straight and get close.

  1. What kind of sexual massage do you prefer?

Massages are great. You know; when you don’t want to spice up things heavily, you can always start with little spicy things and massage is one. If your partner has no idea about it, then give an example.

  1. What is the sexual fantasy that you want to bring into a reality?

The romantic movies must’ve given some ideas, right? So ask your partner about their wildest dream and are they comfortable to make it happen.

  1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about sex?

This will be a game, and keep it FUN. Play with words and make it interesting enough to engage in activities.

  1. Is there any sexual improvement that you want me to do?

C’mon, don’t be afraid to ask this one. It’s not right to repeat the same mistake all the time, right? So talk to each other and ask about it. It’ll help you both to stay connected and you’ll have the best time every-time.

This was all about the sex-related questions to ask. 

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