Yes! JellyFish Never Die Unless You Kill Can Them

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All animals in the world have to die one day or the other. Nothing in this universe is immortal, any creature may live for a century while few for only years. It is the rule of nature that has not been shattered anyhow. Unless the biological mortality of the Jellyfish in the sea was discovered. Turritopsis Dorhnii is a Jellyfish never dies!

The strange life of Jellyfish has made this specific species live unless killed. The beauty of Jellyfish is seen beneath the water in the ocean and the places around. They are small and transparent fish wandering in the seawater.

Jellyfish do not have a heart

This sea animal is not similar to the other sea fish with a heart and brain. They do not have a brain or a heart, their transparency allows visualizing from one side to the other. The umbrella-shaped bell contract helps in the easy movements with imposing less energy. One enables to rotate the water while the other spins to suck the water easily.

The movement of the Jellyfish already describes its difference from the otherworldly and aquatic creatures. It is already impossible for any creature on the earth to survive without a heart. But Jellyfish that survive without a heart also turn immortal.

Another strange part of this fish is it can change its structure easily turns into polyps.  While after few days they change into some other shape. They are immortal unless hit or becomes the prey of other bigger aquatic animals.

 Why are they considered immortal?

Jellyfish are considered to be immortal due to a specific kind of life cycle. The main reason jellyfish never die is because of the stages it develops the larval stage from the polyps. The Turritopsis Dorhnii has the ability to survive lifelong. It is similar to the life cycle of the butterfly that regenerates to become a caterpillar and then regain its adulthood. It starts its life with the formation of larvae into a caterpillar.

At the matured condition it can change into the polyps under an optimum temperature. The immature turns into stolons as well as polyps after the cyst-like structure from the medusa transformation. Hereby they are actually biologically immortal. Their appearances may change with the cyst formations to an adult but they do not die at all.

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Do all kinds of Jellyfish do not die?

No, all jellyfish do not live forever except the Turritopsis Dorhnii. There is no evidence for other jellyfish except this species that has proven to live without death unless hit by the predators. Or you kill this water animal they will continue to biologically reproduce with the formation of the so-called polyps.

Hereby, it is one of the amazing survival nature of an aquatic animal who can live to observe decades and decades but in biological changes. It is the only animal in the world that has proven its immortality.

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