Live-In Relationship Or Marriage? What Would You Go For?


Marriage or no marriage, the question shouldn’t be this.

Every relationship’s priority should be loyalty and commitment.

Marriage, I would say, is a system where two people make an official announcement of coming together because either they love each other or because they feel a need for companionship (in which case, they arrange a marriage). But then, the basis of live-in relationship is only love, there is no arrangement made that have risen out of insecurity. One second! If there is no insecurity and only love then why there is no marriage? Is it because it’s an institution that makes walking out of a relationship difficult? If the relationship is based only on love, then why don’t you feel like you can be with the person for a lifetime?

But then marriage has its own problems. The only difference between live-in relationships and marriage is that you cannot walk out of a marriage easily. Still, walking out or not is your decision which can be taken anytime.

Then what is this live-in relationship or marriage fight all about? Relationship, of any kind is an individual’s choice, and no one has the right to interfere in it, unless and until it does not harm any third person, as only the individuals involved face the consequences of their decision. Especially, in a country like India where no one says a word against child marriages, where there is no strict law against rape, where no one bothers to take any action against khaap panchayat; people should not comment on anyone’s personal lives. May people choose to be in a gay relationship, lesbian relationship, live-in relationship or choose to marry, no one has the right to not let them choose their own relationships.

And when did marriage promise you security, a life-long relationship, loyalty and love? If that would have been the case, marital rapes wouldn’t have existed.

It’s high time that we, as human beings, decide to live and let live.

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