Why Do Women Feel Colder Than Men?

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In recent studies, as stated by the Utah University it has been observed that women’s temperature differs from men’s. A women’s body can be colder to about 82.7 degrees while the body temperature of men can be 90 degrees. The reason for the temperature differences varies but mainly it is due to the feeling or the perception of the cold that occurs through the nerves making women feel colder. The sense of the nerves that connect the brain provides the impulses of the cold body temperature.

Both men and women feel the cold temperature. Women have different physical features build that cause the strange drop in their body temperature.

Variation in body functions women feel cold

The body features are also responsible for the changes in the body temperature. Not only a woman may face temperature differences but also it can be between two humans. Body structure, immunity, and hormonal functions are also responsible for the changes in body temperature.

Couples sharing the same room can also feel the changes. When women may need a warmer blanket than a man or else they may fight over the air conditioner remote to increase and decrease the temperature. As women find it difficult due to the sudden drop in temperature. Few find out their way to sleep in different rooms while some adjust with the blankets.

One of the reasons is the lack of muscles in the body. Compared to men, the body of a woman has fewer muscles that play the role of reducing body temperature. So, in winter women who do not have workouts will feel cold. Exercises and morning or evening walks can improve the body temperature.

Men have masses of muscles that enable them to keep them warm. Even on chilled mornings when the women wear thick Jackets with a full body covered with woolly coats, the men may manage in a sweatshirt.

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Hormonal changes in the human body

A man’s body temperature is always realized to be high than a women’s. Another reason is the hormonal changes in women’s body is greater compared to men’s. Both estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the proper blood flow of the body vessels.

The flow of blood may reduce, and the restriction of blood flow can make a person feel colder. While proper blood flow improves the functions of the muscles and the tissues keeping the body warm. Oestrogen helps to make the body warm, unlike progesterone.

These are the reason that couples may prefer to choose separate blankets or rooms. The thermal system acts differently for both, so as per their comfort they should select one.

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A Woman With Warm Clothing Feeling The Cold Inside House

Women prefer to take up more tea and coffee during winter to keep themselves warm. Moreover, they may choose to stay back home instead of moving outside in wavy cold winds. The supply of blood throughout the body is constricted, due to cold as well as stress. Lips and toes turn dry faster due to the lack of oxygen and reduce blood flow in the body making women feel colder.

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