When Do Women Start To Feel As Boanthropy In Life?

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The time or phase in a life of a woman is when she feels to be similar to a cow. Reason to feel the same may be different but at a position or circumstances that bring the thoughts as Boanthropy. It is a psychological disorder that both men and females can suffer. Looking into the life of a woman when they are mostly surrounded to remain bounded. Not living free when feeding their kids, an ambitious person who is nothing to do except having their food, and feeding their children. Life for them at a certain stage becomes static and they start to compare themselves to a cow.

Eating grasses for the whole day and feeding their kids are all about what they have to do in their life cycle. It is a common feeling when women have to force themselves to adjust to the situation. Less to possess when it comes to fulfilling their dreams or having some good time for themselves, they are blindly into carrying out their duties.

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History mentions feel as boanthropy as witchcraft

Witchcraft is associated with several rituals and facts. Eating grass like a cow despite being a human is the behavior of witches. Human does not eat grasses and when they are supposed to do so then they were believed to be under the shadows of black magic.

Relation between religion and black magic is shown in the history of the psychological disorder Boanthropy. When a person forgets to realize their existence and ability to think and live like a human. They only have to eat, live and survive just like a cow.

But people with a severe disorder of the Boanthropy can find themselves in a bipolar disorder. Stress and disappointments are some of the reasons that people are not able to keep themselves in place of mind. They may suffer from hallucinations, but people can rarely realize their changes in feelings which are not normal.

Rare but can stand out to be a disorder

Women have many phases to overcome in their life. Often mind and the hormonal changes in their body do not allow them to think or behave normally. At a point without any better support, easy conversation, being alone and above all, no help from anyone gives them worries and stress.

It is when women suffer from mental illness they need immediate care. They dream about cows and feel the same, that is the sign of the beginning of the disease or disorder. The problems of hormones and enzymes in women especially after their pregnancy put them in danger of disorder. Their neurological problems and symptoms often worsen with time when they undergo post-pregnancy situations.

In modern times it may be difficult to see women moving around on their four legs and eating grasses as cows. The changes in the enzymes lead to showing the earliest symptoms but on-time support and aid help to overcome depression and anxiety. Women with regular exercises and medication as well as acceptance to be ill and acquire proper treatments help them to overcome from the disorder to the earliest.

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