Plasma tv Or LED tv Or LCD tv

TV types

TV types – LCD televisions are ruling the market, though there have been experiments and inventions of different televisions to occupy the market. Plasma televisions and LED televisions could not work better inspite of various advantageous features which are compared below:

These are the TV types –

Light Crystal Display in short Known as LCD televisions which is popular since it was invented in 2007. LCD televisions has the property of producing colored image by selecting the filtered colors that is produced by the CCFLs that is Cold Cathode fluorescants lamps.

A high definition television that produces the best crystal and clear displays or images, that made a huge rise in the sale of the LCD television within different prices ranges from low to high. A rapid Increase in the sale of the LCD television due to the best technology applied in LCD television.

TV types

Let us have an idea of the contrast ratio of LCD television! The best set of modern LCD displays at the ration of 1600:1. In darker scenes such as the night scenes or low light show the lack of contrast which causes difficulty in proper visualizing of the displayed pictures.

LED display are mostly seen in cabs, buses or any sort of public transports which is similar to LCD television. The brightness and display help it to be used outdoors no matter if it is the daylight or night, so it is preferred in display purposes such as signs boards. The difference between LED and LCD is the backlight used in case of LED instead of CCFLs.

TV types

The watching of LED televisions are almost obsolete in homes because of the wide or enlarged clear display of LCD, which can carried the market away from the LED’s. Though it has less energy consumption with better brightness and contrast but the display has made a huge difference in increasing the demand of the LCD television.

Two TV types of LED’s are used they are:

  • Edge-lit LEDs, anyone can make out where the leds display lights at the rim of the display screen.
  • Direct LED full array which produces array of lights from the LED backlighting screen placed at regular interval.

Plasma TV has also not been able to take over the market as plasma television display is better in darkness simply which is really irritating while you want to watch any series sometimes in the day time as the lights dropping on the screen emits more reflection that obstructs the display visibility.

TV types

Plasma display colors are produced from the small cells that contains electrically charged ionized gases known as plasma. Few of the drawbacks that has made LCD to rule over plasma television, in high altitude it may not work because of the air pressure fluctuations. Hues, dither patterns on the screen are observed in few cases, high consumption of energy.

These are TV types – LCD televiosn are still in high demand because of its display and price variation that make purchasing the product easier, along with a comfortable crystal displays of the screen anywhere anytime.

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