The Truth of Nature Nobody Sinks in the Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is located between Jordan and Isreal, it acts as a boundary between the two countries. It is situated at the lowest based elevation of our earth that has developed a strange behavior around the sea. The experiences of the sea are exciting that have made it one of the popular places to visit. Nature has gifted with strange factors of which this salty sea in one.

But the Dead Sea is the place where nobody sinks; a person can always float on the seawater. What is the reason? The main reason is the presence of salt and minerals in the seawater. The presence of salt in the Dead Sea is 10 times higher. The density of the salt has increased the density that resists a person to drown at all.

A person can float and enjoy the ambiance of the sea. At the lowest level of the earth which is about 430m below sea level. Each year the sea level drops by 1m and for the last five to six decades the sea level is dropping. The silent sea attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

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The Dead Sea may dry by 2050

Due to the development of industries and factories, the atmosphere of the Dead Sea is changing. The river water flowing to the Sea is now being diverted to the industries and factories. This is slowly reducing the water level and if this continues this sea will dry up to remain as a pond.

Why is it the Dead Sea? It is known as the Dead Sea as it does not have any aquatic animals living in it. The salinity of the water does not allow any fishes, or plants to survive in it. Despite there are no lives in, it is one of the famous points where people love to spend time.

Why so salty water?

The Dead sea water is salty, it is during the time of rain when the minerals and salt from the rocks fall and get collected. The minerals and salt of this sea are different from the other seawater. As it does not have sodium chloride and other forms of minerals. The flow of salt and collecting in the seawater has slowly increased the density of water.

So, it does not matter how hard a person may try to swim the salt and minerals density does not allow to swim. The freshwater enables a person to freely move their legs and body but it is not possible in the Dead Sea.

A person can easily relax for hours floating on the sea, either chatting or reading books. There is no danger of drowning or sinking. Due to these strange factors, it is a tourist place, hotels and resorts are located offshore. They are close to the seawater but slowly the Dead Sea has pushed away from the shore. It is a truth of nature that no one will sink in the saltiest Sea, it is attractive and safe.

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