Why Most of The Bollywood Heartthrobs Are On Kissing Spree!

We talks about new breed of actors and actresses who have shed all inhibitions and are cool about kissing on screen. Will talk about some sizzling chemistry on-screen

Kissing is an art!

It seems the new Bollywood divas have taken some special training in this art-form and then entered the film industry. There was a time when all we got to see on-screen instead of kissing were either two flowers rubbing against each other or birds playing together.

Thankfully, all that has changed over the years and we get to enjoy some sizzling lip-locks free of all inhibitions. Going by the trends, actresses aren’t far behind when it comes to smooching on-screen. This talks well about women coming of age in Hindi cinema! Let us discuss about some new kissing heartthrobs!

Sunny Leone

Sunny is the perfect candidate to start any conversation related to sexuality. She is, after all, the most experienced of all, isn’t it? Come on, we are talking about on-screen experience guys! What’s more, she has mastered the art of kissing both the sexes. Give her a female partner or a male one; she can create sparks with both of them! We, for sure, can’t get enough of her. Keep kissing Sunny gal!

Alia Bhatt

Alia is just three films old in the industry and she is already seen kissing all over with everyone! This is not to say that she is only kissing and doing nothing else. However, even though her acting is phenomenal in every movie of hers, she is definitely getting lots of eye-balls for her hot smooches with her co-stars! She is also not the one to kiss and not tell. In fact, she is herself bragging about her kissing techniques in various interviews. We love her already, don’t we? “winkwink”

Deepika Padukone

This sexy long legged beauty has crossed all barriers of shyness and showcased wild passion like no one else. She started with some lovey-dovey kisses in the beginning of her career but soon graduated to some raw edgy wild lip-locks with her alleged off-screen lover-boy,  Ranveer Singh in Ram-Leela! We are just wondering what is in store for us in her upcoming flicks. Some wilder kissing or something more may be?

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti with her girl-next-door looks, plump body type was never considered to be a sex-diva. But the fiery actress from her first film onwards proved that she can not be taken lightly when it comes to matters of sensuality displayed in her movies. She improved on her kissing skills with Shuddh Desi  Romance and made everyone sit up to praise not only her acting capabilities, but also her smooching skills!

Anushka Sharma

Anushka might have become the laughing stock of the whole world during these past few days for her supposed lip-surgery but no one can deny her kiss-appeal prior to that disaster! Whether it’s her kiss with Imran Khan or with her ex-boyfriend, Ranveer Singh, she stole the thunder with her sensuality and kissing skills. The best is the rumor doing the rounds that in her next film, Peekay, with Aamir Khan, she has shared the longest kiss till date! Now, that’s something we will eagerly wait for.

Creating sizzling chemistry, may these girls keep doing wonders with their sensuality and entertain us with their kiss-ability.

In return, we shall remain their true and loyal fans, forever!

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