Ocean Has 20 Million Tons Of Gold To Make Rich As Billionaire

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Ocean has about 20 million tons of gold that can make several rich as billionaire. Not only it is from the gold treasures due to the sunken ships hundreds of years ago that remain in the ocean. Deep and huge the water body the higher is the quantity of gold present in the water.

The water is filled with salt cannot decompose gold in the water. But the disappointing part remains as no one has been able to grow as a billionaire even knowing about the fact. There are millions of tons of expensive metals but no one has been able to extract it.

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Why is the Extraction of tons of gold in the Ocean not done yet?

Despite knowing that the ocean water has about 20 million tons of which not a  ton has been able to be extracted. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans have one gram of it for every 100 million metric tons of salty water.

Apart from the gold treasures hidden on the seafloor,  there are various metals present in the rocks and the floors of the ocean. There have been many thoughts and experiments on extracting and mining metal but none of the strategies are effective.

The ocean is now safely holding the gold within its salty water. Though the quantity and the intensity of the presence of gold are known there is no scientific possible way to pull out the metal. It is to make people rich as billionaires from the worth gold amount of trillion dollars.

The gold present in the water is dilute and almost impossible to remove from the salty water. As stated salt water cannot decompose the it which settles on the sea bed. The color of the floor and the rocks turns to look slightly different wherever the concentration of the dilute gold is observed.

Mining of Expensive Metal and the Ocean water

While the different countries dream to grow rich because of the gold that will be extracted and sold. But deep-sea mining has not been possible with the implementation of science and technology. The depth to more than 6000 meters deep does not help the mining process. The depth of the deep sea denies access to natural light, diving and mining deep into the area is difficult as well as life-threatening.

Pressure crushing causes the risk to life as well as chances to distract from the route and lose track. Frozen temperature and the heated water discharges in the hydrothermal vent are some of the reason that does not allow miners to spend long hours inside the sea beds.

Above all, mining will cause different changes in the ecosystems. The sound and the light evolving from the process of mining will lead to interrupt the ocean life’s ecosystem. These are some of the challenges that are discouraging tons of gold extraction and mining. Overcoming these obstacles will lead to make not only people rich as billionaires but also the countries.

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