6 Health Benefits Only Those Who Smoke Marijuana Get

Who Smoke Marijuana

We have this perception about stoners who stay high on weed that they are some drug junky, unemployed psychopaths, right?

Because we think that’s what weed turns them in to. Well, guess what? That myth is totally wrong and you are misjudging all those who smoke marijuana. A recent study by many of the scientists have proven that there are some major health benefits of smoking marijuana and you need to know some them right now.

Health Benefits Only Those Who Smoke Marijuana Get

  1. Helps in losing weight

A recent study found out that those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis are less likely to be obese than those who don’t. Stoners have low BMI that which leads to less body fats and a great system.

  1. Improves lung functioning

As said above, smoking weed isn’t actually that bad for your lungs and it improves the lung functioning in a much better way as compared to non-smokers. It says that the big drags and inhaling power of weed smokers make lungs more efficient.

  1. Makes you creative

In a study in America, weed smokers were taken on record. One day they were asked to do something creative while they were sober and once when they were high on weed. It was calculated that their minds worked better when they were on marijuana.

  1. Helps in athletics

Marijuana relieves you with all the pain and that’s why it is a big thing for athletes. If you do a hard workout session, you are usually left in a lot of pain. But after smoking marijuana, the pain is releases and you are left refreshed.

  1. Kills cancer cells

One of the reasons why Marijuana was legalized in some states of the USA is because of the availability of cancer cells in them. Though the research is still going on, it is believed that Marijuana smokers are less likely to be affected by cancer than those who don’t.

  1. Better alternative to alcohol

Yes, it’s better than alcohol and it’s proven. Marijuana is considered as one of the safest drugs available and smoking it makes you less indulged in alcohol. In fact, it is 144 times less deadly than alcohol.

It’s always up to you whether you like something or not, but at least don’t judge those who do. Anyways, addiction of anything is bad for health, so avoid that for sure.

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