Logitech PowerShell: The Smart iOS 7 Gaming Controller Launched In India

Logitech India has launched its new PowerShell Controller + Battery in the Indian market today at Rs 8,995.

For all those mobile gaming freaks who simply hate the on-screen game controls, there is a new device in town.

Logitech India have launched the PowerShell Controller + Battery in the country today at Rs 8,995.

The Apple approved accessory provides console-style gaming controls and extends battery life of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and the iPod Touch.

To use the accessory all you have to do is to insert a compatible iPhone or iPod Touch device running iOS 7 into the controller and you can enjoy a gaming experience similar to that of a portable gaming console – complete with an analog D-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons for controlling game play. With the controls being taken off the smartphone, the entire screen of the phone becomes the viewing arena, giving a more immersive mobile gaming experience.

Coming to the battery pack, the controller is able to increase the battery capacity of an iOS 7 device, thanks to the in-built, 1,500mAh unit. When the battery in the controller is running low, one can easily recharge it via a micro-USB cable that is provided in the box, to top up both the device and the PowerShell.

Once your iOS 7 device has been decked in a layer of PowerShell, you would still be able to make and receive calls, operate the volume buttons, the ring/silent switch and the power/sleep button. The accessory also features a 3.5mm headphone adapter with an angled design so that ear phone cords do not get in your way, while playing.

The Logitech PowerShell weighs a mere 120 grams and dons a textured, soft rubber surface, which allows for hours of gaming. Logitech India is offering a 3-year limited hardware warranty on the PowerShell Controller + Battery.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Subrotah Biswas, director of Logitech India and South West Asia remarked, “We have designed the first kind of controller for iPhone 5/5S devices for a true console-gaming experience. We understand that gaming is an extremely high-speed performance activity, which requires accuracy, control and precision and with mobile platform in demand, its time to revolutionise the whole mobile gaming experience.”

With the introduction of the PowerShell accessory in India – that was already launched in the U.S market back in 2013 – Logitech India has further cemented its commitment towards mobile gaming space. However, the PowerShell isn’t the only smartphone gaming controller in the Indian market today. Back in December 2013, Samsung had introduced the GamePad for its Galaxy users, while the Mogo Pro gaming controller is compatible with most of the Android smartphones.

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