Interesting Facts About Sea Cows “Dugongs”

sea cow dugongs

For sea skippers often it becomes difficult to recognize between the largest mammal whale and the sea cows Dugongs. Dugongs are the sea animal that is similar because of the body shape and size swimming in the sea. The face structure is almost like the elephants that are distinguishable and helps in recognizing at once.

The sea cow is another name for this specific kind of fish that is one of the oldest sea animals. The length of the animal reaches a length of 11 feet and weighs about 2000 pounds. They may live alone or in groups but they can well communicate. Do not mistake Dugongs as a fast swimmer because of the size as they can move with a speed of 10 km per hour inside the water.

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Interesting facts: Sea cows Dugongs

They are known as Sea cows Dugongs, the cutest animal with a structural mixture of the elephant with a small heap or tusk on the face and the tail features of the whale. They are known as sea cow because they can play on the seagrasses and uproot from the deepen sea floors. The dugongs are almost near to extinction and are one of the endangered species among the sea animals.

  • Once again do not mix with the size of the mammal as it is herbivorous animal. They depend on the sea plants for survival and the best part is they can pull the plants from the ground of the seawater.
  • The male Dugong grows a tusk as an elephant while female may develop a tusk that is definitely smaller in size comparing to the males.
  • Guessing the age of the sea cows is very easy. The tusks of the Dugongs have circular lines similar to the large trees. Number of the circle on the tusks defines the age exactly as the circles on the stem of the trees. Greater the circles higher is the age.
  • The highest spread of this unique mammal is seen in the parts of the Australian seas. Apart from it is available in almost 35 countries in different parts of the world.
  • Exception part of the normal swimmer is that this animal can stop it breathe for more than 10 minutes. Apart from it this huge animal can flaunt diving up to 30 meters and hit the floor of the sea easily.

  • Dugongs do not have good eyesight though their eyes are visible on the other side the ears are not at all visible but have a good hearing ability that guides through the dangers and obstacles inside the water.
  • They are calm animals similar to animals and like to stay in their own groups. Divers can find them swimming from far when come close they run away.
  • Dugongs kids or calves are seen riding along with their mother sitting on the back. While this mammal reproduces at an interval of 2.5 years to the gap of 7 years.

The life length of the sea cows, Dugongs are till the age of 70 years or above. They are mostly found in the areas of Bunaken and Bangka islands because of the seagrasses.

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