How Much Raman Effect Is Popular In Indian Science History?

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CV Raman, the scientist of India, his invention and day of recognition, is celebrated as National Science Day in India. His contribution to Physics had been memorable in the history and invention of science. Being a physicist and his discovery of the Raman effect has not only honored him with the Nobel Prize. But also made India popular in the field of exploring and implementing science.

Studies and research have been carried out on the work of Raman.  Raman Singh who is known as the historian of science has worked on finding out the works of CV Raman. At the same time published a series of books on his valuable projects.

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How can Raman Effect be Defined? Role of the discoverer?

The discoverer of the Raman Effect was Chandrashekhar Venkataraman. He discovered it in the year 1928, at the Indian Association for the cultivation of science laboratory in Kolkata. It was one of the significant inventions on light and wavelengths.

According to his invention, the wavelengths of the lights scatters while moving through a transparent material that may deflect. The deflected lights, therefore, changes into wavelength. One of the important inventions in physics that describes the conversion of the state of energy as it enters materials. After two years of invention CV, Raman was honored as the Nobel Prize.

CV Ramans’ birth anniversary is celebrated as the National Science Day in India. It was in 1986 the National Council of Science and Technology communication had given the proposal to the Government to celebrate this day.

After granting the proposal it was first celebrated in 1987 on February 28th. It is more than four decades that this day is popular as National Science Day. The day when the physicist was born with his invention and later to remember the day of discovery it is now celebrated every year.

Though there are controversies that the invention had taken place earlier, not on 28th February. But as Raman had declared on this day and after two years on the same day he was honored with the prestigious award. This has been the main reason to dedicate this day to science in India.

Day to remember CV Raman as an Inspiration

This day stands as an inspiration to the Indian youths who want to work with science. An awareness to know about the popular physicist of India who worked for inventing wavelengths with transcends of energy. The young generation celebrates the day of the invention also develops a mindset to work on discoveries. Raman’s discovery of the Quantum theory of light has made it easy.

On this day to inspire the young inventors, different kinds of science competitions and exhibitions are organized. Young minds are awarded for their achievements in India. Students work on different projects and participate in the theme of the Year. It is organized by the honorable members of Science and Technology. The application is observed in various streams of science as well as in technology. The day celebrated encourages to development of science and inspires the young minds of India to bring innovations.

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