You Can Easily Find Your Lost Smartphone With The Help Of Google Maps

Find lost smartphone

Find lost smartphone – Today, smartphones have become as important as our daily bread, cloth and shelter.

You may forget to eat your meal but you just cannot go without mobile even a single day. You also love your smartphone, right?

There used to be a time when spending few hours in isolation was impossible but today smartphone has become our 24*7 partner, even if there is one around you, then your smartphone is with you in every happiness and misery, but hold on! and think what if you lose your mobile phone?

Find lost smartphone

Sometimes it happens that when we put the hand in the pocket, we suddenly remember that the phone is not there and it just starts to sweat badly. If our smartphone disappears from our eyes even for a moment, we get scared, it takes away our sleep. But you don’t have to worry because if you really want to avoid any such problem, Google Maps can help you out easily.

Yes, with the help of Google Maps, you can search for your lost smartphone. You can easily call on your lost smartphone and can even delete the data too so that you can make sure no one is miss using the data of your lost phone.

Find lost smartphone

So let us tell you how to find lost smartphone – what should you do when you lose your phone.

How to find lost smartphone –

What All You Need?

Well! in order to find your smartphone with the help of Google Maps, you will need another smartphone or a computer. There should be an internet connection. In addition, you must also know the login ID and password of the Gmail account that you logged in your lost phone.

Now go to www.maps.google.co.in in the browser of another phone or laptop. And then it is necessary to log in with the same Gmail account.

Now a new window will appear and you can easily select a particular date to find out where your phone was on that day. Plus you will also have an option to view today’s status.

Location History

This feature of Google Map basically works on the location history of your smartphone. But to access this feature successfully, your phone’s location must be turned on otherwise the feature will not help.

This way you can easily track the location of your phone even after it is lost, but for this, the VC settings of your phones should be activated only when you can reconnect to your lost phone.

It is not that people don’t use to lose their phones in old times but today, it has become too common, you would not even realize the thieves snatch it from your hands and sometimes even you misplace it.  In this case, you should be very careful because your phone is your biggest asset and it has all the information that you cannot share with strangers.

This way you can find lost smartphone – You can say that your phone is your true companion and without it your life is incomplete. Well, there is nothing wrong about it because nowadays gadgets are human companions and friends too.

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