This Is What Smartphones Will Look Like In The Next Decade!

Smartphones in the next decade – Today, however, the scenario has changed, and the market is full of hi-tech devices. We give an insight of what we can expect from this segment in the next decade.

In the year 2005, Apple introduced the touch screen feature which appeared more like a science fiction element that was rather difficult to implement.

Today, even the most basic cell phone offers the touch function.

With each passing year, smartphone manufacturers undertake vigorous research to bring out innovative designs and capabilities that are breath-taking and hard to believe. Considering the rapid progress in technology, one can’t even imagine how the smartphones of next decade will lure us with their bleeding internals & externals.

Listed below are a few futuristic phones that give us a fair idea of the future of the smartphone industry:

Folding Phone

Flaunting a flat wallet-like touchscreen, the Kyocera EOS is highly ergonomic. So what’s special about this device is that the owner can fold the phone three times to fit it inside the pocket or bag. After the first fold, the phone transforms itself in a portrait mode with a physical keypad right beneath it.  



Water-based Mobile Phone

Created by Seoul-based designer, Bon-Seop Ku, the ‘Aqua’ is a water-based phone that has a graphical user interface, water display, and a liquid battery. The weirdest feature is that the owner can remove icons by merely rubbing them from the display.  



Flexible OLED Screen

The Blackberry Empathy boasts of an array of futuristic features, such as, flexible OLED display, slide-out keypad, and double-sided screen. Suave and elegant, this smartphone is capable of grabbing eyeballs from a distance.



Mobile cum Ear-Phone

Kambala performs the functions of a cell phone, but by simply popping the center piece, the device gets transformed into a wireless headphone. Loaded with abundant sensors and a continuous flexi-screen, the phone also has the capability of transmitting an image on the inside of the mobile phone to the outside.



Solar-energy powered Phone

Running out of juice several times a day? With the ‘Leaf’ phone, one will not have to worry about a low battery, as the solar cells incorporated on the front panel run on solar energy.



Shape-changing Phone

The Nokia 888 brings on board a flexible touch screen and liquid battery. It poses a touch-sensitive cover body which adjusts itself according to the environment. The phone also changes its shape depending on the specific function one wants to use it for.  


Of course, we might not lay our hands on all of the above-mentioned features and models. While some of them are too futuristic for mass production, there are some which require further improvisation.

Nevertheless, these designs will definitely inspire tech giants to instill some of the next-generation specs & features in their future flagship devices.

Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait until we get a chance to view and feel these magnificent works of technology! 

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