Why I Like Modi – Youth Of India Speaks

Why youth of India likes Modi – how he has become a popular entity, using the available modern resources and a different skill-set all together.

Our Hon. Prime Minister, Modi, is finally done with his Australia visit and like every other visit of his; he was all over the news.

The amount of mileage that the Media gives to each of his foreign tour is amazing.

And why should they not? Finally we have a presentable leader who doesn’t make our head hang in shame when he meets International dignitaries. And well, they don’t have a choice either 😉

The last time I watched our previous PM Man Mohan Singh, I was in the UK with a bunch of my English friends who asked me, “Is this your Prime Minister?” And I had a tough time saying a “Yes”. In fact I was looking for a place to hide. The place under the table was too cramped.

With our current PM at least the shame part is avoided and you can hold your head high. Now that’s a change, isn’t it?

So even though the international media doesn’t give as much importance to our PM as our media does, I am fine with Modi being splashed all over the Indian news.

It’s also good to see him speak without holding a bunch of papers in his hands and stuttering to find the last line where he took a pause. Okay, so he uses a teleprompter instead, which is evident. But then with so many speeches to give all over the world, he needs to have someone or something feeding him the lines, right?

The best part, which I like about Modi is that he speaks clearly and with confidence, something which wasn’t found in our leader for the last ten years.

Okay, the speeches are well rehearsed and written by someone else, but who writes his speeches himself these days?? Other than RaGa perhaps … coz I doubt anyone else can write such an immature speech and deliver it with an equally immature finesse 😉

Though not all, but some of the initiatives started by Modi are well worth praise. Okay, they have been reduced to mere photo opportunities by the politicians, but then again, isn’t it the thought that counts?

Also, the amount of energy that the PM has is well worth an applause, he was in Japan, US, Australia and every else in a matter of just six months!! And in that he took time to come back to India too now and then so that he could sweep a street here, talk to the students there. WOW! Such energy! The last time I took a ten days leave, my boss scolded the shit out of me for taking time off work rather than being in my office, where I should be Grrr!!!

The schemes (not the scams) started by the PM are also noteworthy, I am not sure how well they will work, but I kinda like the way they are named “The Prime Minister so and so scheme”. This is quite a different tactic than having each and every scheme and “Yojana” named after the  Gandhi family. 20 years later, the scheme will still exist and the teenagers then might not even know who started it. If that’s not called being fair, I don’t know what is?

Another thing which I like is the way our PM is tech savvy. Okay maybe he is not the one who is tech savvy, maybe it’s those 200 IT engineers and MBA’s sitting in his PR room who are handling the tech side of his profile, but nevertheless, you do find Modi everywhere. On Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, everywhere…. constantly… all the time!! If anyone of us spends so much time on the social media, we would be reprimanded by our bosses for wasting our time, but hey, he is the PM, he doesn’t have a boss, even if he says that he is a Pradhan Sevak  😉 !!

And last but not the least, I love the way Modi doesn’t miss a single opportunity to address the nation. I have always felt that the PM of the Nation should always be more communicative, which was missing in the past. Okay, maybe the speeches are the same repetitive stuff and maybe he does one too many of them, but he is communicating, right?

Of course, all these things do not cover up the bad qualities that a person might have but what’s good should be appreciated, right? Credit should be given where credit is due!!

Disclaimer: One thing is certain, I am now going to spend a lot of time on social media (more than I do now) and travel all over the place, though I will have to pay for it myself, cant burden the exchequer for it, and if my boss says anything, I am going to tell him, I am following in our PM’s footsteps. Can someone tell me how to register on Instagram please? 😛

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