5 Things Only Binge-Drinkers Will Understand

Alcohol consumption is injurious to health irrespective of sex. It is the sole reason nowadays for liver ailments and more often than not, alcoholics goof-up their family life, careers, relationships driven by the spell of it. However, alcohol has a magnetic pull that not many can dodge before they understand that they grew a dependency towards it. There are two types of alcohol drinkers whatsoever, occasional drinkers and binge-drinkers, that is to say, ones with problematic drinking habits. The latter type start it off as an adventure and find it really taxing to go back on it and get a hold of healthy lifestyle again. Here are certain pointers that only a binge-drinker will relate to.

You always see alcohol as your best buddy: Whenever in pain, you just turn to alcohol thinking that it will always have your back when the world lets you down. You just lose yourself to the state of oblivion when you are high on it.

You always cold shoulder people who opine against it: You like binge-drinking and that’s the way things roll for you. You won’t stand a single word against it because a good deal of lecture has been hurled at you lately and you are just tired, instead you will use sarcasm as your guard.

You will use lie as a shield: Of course, the winds of judgments always bore you to death so when someone asks you if you have been doing binge-drinking lately, you just lie AF.

Limited booze just turns you off: Just one bottle of vodka will never suffice for you and you will make sure to walk the extra mile to fetch the extra booze. Binge-drinkers are like postmen, when it comes to bringing booze, they can brave even hailstorm.

Your hangover is pretty lengthy: You have the most painstaking hangover ever. You lay like a log for hours and too bummed to do anything in the next morning.

Binge-drinking is fun but comes with customary health warnings, obviously.


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