You Will Reap These Benefits if You Chant ‘Om’ Everyday

 Om is a mantra associated with Hinduism. It is a vibration which is traditionally chanted in the beginning and at the end of any yoga session. It is understood that the mantra has a lot of creative power but anybody can chant this mantra to ensure peace in his life. This sound symbol is rich in meaning and depth when pronounced correctly: AUM.

Om is considered to be the oldest sound of the universe and has been chanted for thousands of years. You can gain profound enlightenment if you chant this mantra everyday. Your body receives a lot of positive energy from ‘5 minutes’ chanting of ‘Om’. The word ‘Om’ symbolises infinite power where ‘O’ means     creation and ‘M’ means becoming one with the supreme God, proverbially the Brahman.

When to chant ‘Om’:

You can chant ‘Om’ in the wee hours of the morning, that is to say before the sunrise which will definitely give a positive start to your day. ‘Om’ should be chanted 5-11 times a day to extend the benefits in your entire body and mind.

The 5 key benefits of chanting ‘Om’:

  1. Chanting ‘Om’ everyday helps you get rid of your stress. We are engaged in the cut-throat competition and our minds face the wear and tear of the same. You can de-stress yourself completely if you chant ‘Om’ with utmost devotion in the early hours of the morning.
  2. Your mind is at peace when you make it a habit to chant ‘Om’ everyday. When you chant ‘Om’ it creates a positive vibration in your body which strengthens your digestive system and improves the function of your heart.
  3. People who had trouble sleeping have admitted that chanting ‘Om’ religiously has helped them sleep well. If you too are insomniac, we urge you to chant ‘Om’ before you sleep with folded hands and you will start to notice positive change in your sleeping pattern in a few days.
  4. Chanting ‘Om’ will not only benefit the person who is chanting it but the benefits will also be extended to those who surround him. It has a vibrational flow that washes over everyone wherever it flows.
  5. You will have better control over your emotions if you chant ‘Om’ regularly. You will learn to become less judgemental and weigh every situation with a clear and rational mind.
  6. Om can even help cleanse your skin, it is said. Chanting ‘Om’ generates massive level of positive energy within your body which starts to reflect externally too. You will notice a sunny glow on your face and body in a matter of months.
  7. Chanting of ‘Om’ will improve your eyesight too because you are looking through the spiritual eye while chanting.
  8. The positivevibrations that are brought by chanting ‘Om’ in your body, helps strengthen your spinal chord.
  9. Chanting of ‘Om’ places you in a meditational state which provides you deep relaxation and boosts your vocal chords.

There is no alternative to chanting ‘Om’ as the benefits are extended to both your mind and body. It can improve your concentration and help you focus better.

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