Yes! Janmashtami Was The Festival Of Vaishnava In Hinduism

vaishnavas in hinduism

Janamashtami is the day celebrated by the Vaishnavas in Hinduism. It is the birthday of Lord Krishna another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is also known as the Lord of the Kalyuga born to end the era of evil and destruction. It is mostly popular among the followers of Lord Krishna whom we know as the Vaishnava.

Though, it is one of the festivals that has slowly grown popular among the Hindu religion. This specific day is celebrated by offering prayers to Krishna, singing songs, fasting, and night vigils by his devotees.

Sri Krishna faith among Vaishnavas In Hinduism

Faith or a belief is seen among people towards Kanhaiya. He is a small Gopala playing in the village of Gokul in Mathura. Or teasing the beautiful ladies, along with Radha in Vrindavan. His version as a strong, intelligent, and supportive energized Lord is still great evidence of knowledge and wisdom.

Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu, it is one of the reasons his birthday is celebrated by the Vaishnavas. They have an elaborate and distinctive way to offer to God. Not only the Vaishnava sampradaya but people from the entire part of the world believe in Lord Krishna. The holy book of Hindu Bhagavad Gita has the sayings of Krishna. Even the youths have a trust in Bhagavad Gita which enables a person to draw the right path.

On this day, Krishna’s temples are surrounded by the Vaishnava community who recite the Bhagavad Gita. Houses that worship Gopala have to offer food, prayers and also sing devotional songs.

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Dances and celebrations in Different parts of India

Vaishnavas of North India celebrate Janmashtami by a major festival. He was born in Mathura, his devotees have night vigils. They organize events and dramas to preach about Krishna and his Rasa Lila. Devotees keep fasting throughout the day and break at the end of the day. Dahi – handi is no longer the playful game limited to Vaishnav, it is popular among all. Irrespective of caste the game of Dahi handi is celebrated.

As Makhan was the favorite food of Gopala, and his tales of Makhan chor are famous. To celebrate his childhood, Dahi Handi is one of the memorable ceremonies. Maharashtra is popular for the Dahi handi when crowds of boys work hard to break a pot fixed at a great height.

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Vaishnavas Of the North East

Manipur is popular for its intense devotion towards Lord Krishna. They are followers who have a gradual belief which reflects in their culture. Manipuri Dance, also a classical dance of India has Hindu Vaishnava inputs of themes. Sattriya is another dance form of Assam which describes Vaishnava. This art and culture describe the role of Vaishnava in Janmashtami. It is called the festival of the Vaishnava.

West Bengal has Janmashtami when the devotees fast till midnight. They read Bhagavat Gita and sing devotional songs to rejoice on the day of Krishna’s Birth.

Apart from it Vaishnavas from other parts of India, celebrate Janmashtami in various individual ways. It is one of the most awakening festivals of Vaishnavas in Hinduism.

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