When The Zodiac Controls Your Health !

Zodiac controls health

Zodiac controls health – The day, month and year on which we born, determines our future and the journey of our life according to the astrology. Though in this world of advanced medicine and ultra-modern equipments, digging the kundli seems to be foolish, but it has been proved in various instances, that the zodiac signs do play a role in controlling the health of a person.

In this write-up we would like to share what happens when zodiac controls health conditions.

As we all know, there are twelve zodiac signs in the astrological calendar, and depending on the signs the ailments vary. The health issues as per the zodiac are given below:

Zodiac controls health

  1. People with Aries zodiac sign are very impulsive and often suffers with anxiety and bad temper. If you belong to this clan, then you may often complain about headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, insomnia and baldness. Owing to unhealthy food practices, you may face indigestion. Though these are common problem butdue to your way of life ‘as you like it’ you tend to face these health issues more. The Aries thrive on challenges & thrills, pressurizing their minds, thus suffering from above mentioned ailments.

  1. The stubborn Taurus is often pulled down by cold, ear and throat ailments. People under this sign often suffers from thyroid gland dysfunction, because of which they may have to struggle with over-weight.

Zodiac controls health

  1. Gemini the twins in the sign, often suffers from lungs related ailments. It is not uncommon amongst the Geminis to suffer from nervous exhaustion and shoulder related problems.

Zodiac controls health

  1. When you have Cancer as your zodiac, being emotional is part of your personality which tends you to suffer with depression. Other than that, your health can be affected by the sickness occurring from chest problems, heart and stomach issues.

Zodiac controls health

  1. When you often suffer from back-aches or your systolic and diastolic mercury marks are ever climbing up, then you must be a Leo. Tame you roar with meditation and live a healthy life.

  1. The Virgo group often suffers from stomach related ailments like indigestion, appendicitis, or constipation. Do follow a strict fibrous food regime and drink lots of water to keep your stomach as calm as your mind.

  1. If the adrenaline gland, kidneys and skin force you to visit the doctor, then you must have Libra as your zodiac. Rich food and treats may not be gentle to your tummy as it’s for your eyes. Don’t forget to remain hydrated as your skin needs much care.

  1. Scorpios tend to suffer from the illness of nose, urinary function, pelvic bones and rectum. A healthy and clean lifestyle can help you to remain unaffected by the diseases.

  1. People of Sagittarius clan are health freaks, and love to take care of their health. But owing to their fast and fickle mind and inquisitive nature, they love to experiment with foods and life. These habits make them prone to liver ailments. Other than that, they suffer from hip, thigh and sciatic nerve problems.

  1. Capricorn has an affinity towards the diseases related to bones, hair and nails. They are big foodies and prefers the quality over quantity on their platter. Calcium rich diet can help them to achieve a healthy & wealthy way of living.

Zodiac controls health

  1. If you are a born Aquarius, then you are susceptible to weak ankles and if your legs display the web of varicose veins, then don’t be surprised, because it is because of your birth sign.

Zodiac controls health

  1. The Pisces have a weak immune system, and often falls sick. They often suffer from joint pains and arthritis. Water and Iron may help you fight the ailments easily. Because, of your will power nothing can beat you.

When zodiac controls health – The above-mentioned zodiac signs and ailments are related, it is not necessary that you are bound to suffer from those ailments, if you belong to a particular zodiac sign. This list can help you to take precautions especially on the mentioned ailments in your category. Prevention is always better than cure.

Next time you check your zodiac column, make sure you have an eye on the health mysteries waiting to get unfold. Health basically depends on our food habits & lifestyle, which is often steered by our personality which is ruled by the zodiac signs. Now you know your weaknesses, which is the best tool to strengthen yourself. Stay healthy, keep stress at bay and be happy.

Take Care!

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