Five Negative Characteristics Of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Aquarius

Negative characteristics of Aquarius – Aquarians can never bore you, for they are full of surprises and a bundle of contradictions.

For instance, they keep trying to undertake different tasks at the same time. Yet, they do their jobs well, for they have a great work ethic and sense of stability.

Nonetheless, they are not perfect!

Negative characteristics of Aquarius –

1 – They go to Extremes

The Aquarius-born hate being conventional and conservative, preferring to be different. Over-adherence to traditions can bring out the ‘rebel’ in them, quite strongly. It is a ‘nothing or all’ attitude with them, with no middle path. Even their travel itineraries tend to be off-beat and full of adventures!

2 – Single-Minded and Quirky

Aquarians are simply not interested in what others think! They will do what they want in life and in the way they want. Consequences do not matter, for they are spontaneous and impulsive in their judgements and actions. Life should be crazy and adventurous.

3 – A Curious Mindset

People born under this sun sign are extremely inquisitive. They want to know everything about everything and everybody! It is possible for others to become upset with their ‘nosy’ questioning. Aquarians not only strive to figure out how things work in detail, but also how people work!

4 – Eccentric in Behaviour

Oh, the Aquarius-born love to shock people! They love to show off their eccentricity, even in public, but not always. Unconventional and dull-minded people become their favourite targets, when they feel like picking on people. Even their imaginative minds are eccentric, for they engage in huge plans for the future, uncaring of whether they work or not.

5 – Seem Detached

Since they belong to the Air signs, Aquarians tend to live in their heads. These thinkers seem aloof, distant and cool often, with feelings remaining well hidden. This is because they refuse to let emotions cloud their judgements, whether they relate to people or circumstances. They have this rare quality of building relationships with everyone, but becoming close to just a few.

These are the Negative characteristics of Aquarius – To conclude, Aquarians are free-minded and rebellious souls, who can be extremely social at times and voluntarily isolated at others. However, when they promise something, they rarely break it.

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