These Are The Lord Hanuman Temples With Magical Powers in India

Hanuman is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva who is devotedly worshipped in Kalyuga. Hanuman has a trail of devotees because it is believed that he can even spell life to a dying person. Lord Hanuman is the repository of strength and empowerment. Therefore, a lot many temples have been raised after Lord Hanumana in India, some among of them famous for their magical powers. All of these temples have their unique qualities which are bound to leave you amazed:

Hanumanghadi, Ayodhya:

This temple is situated in Ayodhya, built on a hill that stands at the right side of the river Saray. You will need to climb 76 stairs to reach this temple. Upon climbing, you will be faced with only a 6 inches long idol of Lord Hanumana, which is covered with flowers.

Balaji Hanuman Temple, Rajasthan:

In a place called Mehendipur in Rajasthan, this temple is located. You will find a huge rock there and according to the word of mouth, the hanuman idol was self-built from the rock. There is a small pond at the feet of this idol which never runs short of water.

Saalasar Hanuman Temple, Rajasthan:

In a village of Rajasthan called Saalasar, the temple is located. In this temple of Lord Hanuman, there is an idol which has beard and moustache. It is said that the idol was found by a farmer who was working in the field.

Hanumandhara, Chitrakut:

In Chitrakut, there is a small town called Hanumandhara. There is an idol of Lord Hanuman hanging from the hills. The waterfall of the hill touches this idol of Lord Hanuman. Because of the waterfall, the name of this place is Hanumandhara.

Sankatmochan Temple, Benaras, Uttar Pradesh:

Sankatmochan is another name of Lord Hanuman. A huge temple of him is made here. As it is believed, sage Tulsidas had kept the idol of Lord Hanuman here which added to the historical and mythological significance of the same.

Shri Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar, Gujarat:

This temple was established in 1540 in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This one also made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for having magical powers.

Mahavir Hanuman Temple, Patna, Bihar:

Right in front of Patna junction, this temple is located. This is the second temple in India after Vaishno Devi which receives maximum number of devotees every year. Presumably, the income of this temple is one lac everyday.

Hanuman Mandir, Allahabad, UP:

This is situated right next to the Allahabad Fort, this temple has a Hanuman idol which is in lying position. The idol of the Hanuman is 20 feet long hence became popular among the devotees at large.

Shri Panchmukh Anjanayer Swami Ji, Tamil Nadu:

The temple is located in Kumbhkonam, Tamil Nadu and has a five head idol of Lord Hanuman. This temple is believed to be the protector of the humankind. Once you offer your prayers with a clean heart to the Lord, your prayers will be answered.

These temples of Lord Hanumana date eons back but still standing tall in all their glory.


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