Try These Tricks To Get Away From Extra Work At Office

Extra Work At Office

It’s a very casual thing to get extra work at office which you are not even required to do.

Whether you work in a startup or a huge MNC, anyone can pile on extra work and you, leaving you with no option but to exert yourself. Well, this happens to you when you are a push-over but if you know how to smartly get away from everything, you will never have the overload on you.

Thinking how? Well, just follow these tricks to get away from extra work at office.

Extra work at office : –

  1. Don’t tell them your extra skills ever

You might have been hired for handling social media but there is a hidden writer in you, but you really don’t have to tell anyone about that. Because the day you will tell them, you will have some really tough extra work to do apart from your own thing. Do you really want to take that chance?

  1. Make sure to tell your supervisors how over-worked you are

If you make everyone around you believe that the work you are assigned in a day is more than what your capacity is, you will be able to create a safe boundary for yourself. If your supervisors believe that you work a lot, they will never hand over extra stuff to you.

  1. Never procrastinate in office

One of the reasons why people throw extra work on you is because you look idle to people a lot of times. So, it’s time for you to look busy even if you aren’t because that’s the only thing that will save you from getting any extra work.

  1. Never help your colleagues

The momentum of extra work starts when you want to become a savior for others and start helping them in their work. Once you do this for one person, the other will expect the same one day and so on. Soon, people will know that you are the angel of workplace and all you will end up with is a huge pile of extra work.

  1. Always make people feel you are stressed

Even if the work you do is stressful or not, you’ve got to make people believe that it is and that will be your only way to get out of any possible chances of getting more work than you are supposed to do. After all, no one wants a stressed out person to do their work.

These are the ways you can avoid extra work at office – Well, follow these tricks and save yourself from unnecessary work because it can come to you any time.

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