Reclining Lord Vishnu In Bandhavgarh Forest Of India

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The serenity of the Bandhavgarh Forest of India is incomparable. Till now, it was known for the Bengal Tigers is also the home for Lord Vishnu. A beautiful statue of reclining Vishnu is present within the intense areas of the Bandhavgarh forest. According to mythology, this place is the land of Lord Rama. Rama has given this land as a gift to his brother Lakshmana. As Rama is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the story behind their presence of identity is proven by the stone made statue beside the Vetravali River.

There is also a temple which is dedicated to Sita present on the top of the hill. It is visible as easily from the forest itself.

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Vetravali River Ganga in Bandhavgarh forest

The small stream and pond are present aside from the Stone made statue coming out from the foot. It is known as Charan Ganga which is mentioned in the scriptures as Vetravali river Ganga. The water stream is known as the lifeline that is flowing for ages. Also, the spreading umbrella of the serpents above the head of the stone made statue is known as Shesh Shaiya. The quiet nature speaks about the calmness and peace present in the ambience.

Covered and surrounded by the dense green forests with the calmness around the statue enhances the mythological presence of Rama in India.

This place has great importance as it the ancient forest where the fort was built to keep an eye on Sri Lanka and the demon Ravana. Vedas such as Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, have mentioned this fort, so it proves it is one of the ancient forests that India still can experience and relate to Indian mythology.

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Ancient forest place for yogis and sages

Apart from being a religious place the Bandhavgarh forest, Madhya Pradesh is for travel enthusiasts, Yogis and sages. Several rulers have ruled while the place has not lost its immense beauty. The statue is carved of one large stone about 1000 years ago or more. Aside is the statue of Shiva linga and the other is of Brahma. The three superior power of the universe that leads the world according to Hindu mythology, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.

The presence of oxygen is in large amount around the Vetravali river. It is not because of the forest trees but also with the contribution of cyanobacteria in the water. This is a bluish-green bacteria that not only beautifies the appearance of water but also evolves a large amount of oxygen.

Apart from it, the Bandhavgarh forest was the home of white tigers but no longer exists now. The Bengal tigers density is high and the villagers can find them roaming around but causing any casualties. Leopards and tigers visit Shesh Shaiya for drinking water and enjoy the peace and calmness of the forests.

Exploring a compact place with the blend of travelling, to gain knowledge of Indian mythology, experience the beauty of nature is in Bandhavgarh forest of India. Place for the priests and sages to meditate around the calm and breezy forest near the ancient river Ganga.

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