5 Reasons Why Celebrities Take Astrological Services


Astrology is an essential part of Vedic science.

Many experts practice this on day to day basis to help humans make the right decisions in life. Astrology knows no barriers between the rich and the poor, therefore many celebrities approach astrologers to help them make major life and career changing decisions.

A few reasons why celebs take astrological services are listed here.

Astrology has been around for centuries.

It defines the entire life structure along with precisely mentioning major life changing moments for you based on the position of the stars during your birth. It calculates the position of the stars in a given house chart also known as ‘Kundali’ that highlights major events in your life.

The context of these events is indicative in nature, therefore based on your current scenario you can estimate what that life changing situation is and take measures accordingly with the help of an expert to avoid it. Unlike other future gaging mechanism like Palmistry, Numerology etc. Astrology rightly points out the expected year of change, therefore making it easier for you to immediately identify the event and rush to an expert. In recent years it has been noticed that astrology has been the cherry of eye of many celebrities.

Celebrities like Aishwarya Rai was recently in news for marrying a Banyan tree because her ‘Kundali’ said that her first marriage shall fail, what better than a dead tree than a husband.

Similarly, as majority of Bollywood is based in the west of India, there are many astrologers in Mumbai.

There are many reasons these celebs take astrological services, listing below a few of them;

1.  Influence of the culture:

Being an Indian, the belief in astrology comes handy. For generations the industry has followed the positions of the stars, right from the ‘Muharat’ to the release for a good luck and a house-full show.

2.  Life changing event:

Bollywood is known for its twisted attachments, director with the actress and the producer with a cameraman, everybody is known to be hitched or shall be known. To know if this hitching business is profitable to their lives and their bank accounts, celebrities turn to astrologers to get their ‘Kundali’ and account numbers matched.

3.  A major career decision:

A major career decision for any celebrity whether in Bollywood or Pollywood also known as Politics is the release of a movie or the results of an election. To foresee the future and take precautions measures towards the same, celebs turn to astrologers.

4.  Track record:

These are desperate times. When you have a bad track record of failed movies or even elections, people tag you jinx, the only way you can escape this situation by displaying the certificate of an astrologer approved Pooja.  According to an astrologer in Mumbai, these poojas will rightly point out the ‘Dosh’ also known as the fault in your stars and help you rectify your situation and bring you back on track.

5.  Popularity of astrology:

Astrology is quite popular. Whether you have a crises or just another day in your routine, you want to seek the help of an astrologer to stay current on the ongoing trends in the world of astrology that your fellow industry favorites are facing. Also it’s a great reason to call for a party each time you call for an emergency pooja, followed by the meet and greet with the celebs right under your roof.

So now that you know that astrology has no barrier.

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