“Padma Lochan” the Mythological Tale of Lord Rama

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The beautiful eyes that are compared to the Blue lotus, in Hinduism, when a person who possesses lotus-like eyes is known as “Padma Lochan”. The Padma means Lotus, Lochan means eyes. The mythological tale of Lord Rama whose eyes were always known to be attractive has given rise to a historical and religious belief that we know as the “Akalbodhan” Durga Puja.

Ritual by Lord Rama to Convince Goddess Durga

After Sita was abducted by Ravana, it became a difficult task to rescue her from the Kingdom, Lanka defeating the demon with ten heads. Ravana, who had the blessing of Lord Shiva and Durga, he was one of the strongest and efficient disciples. The demon was immortal which made it impossible for Lord Rama to easily defeat and rescue Sita.

So, it became necessary to gain the strength and capability to fight the battle and kill Ravan, who was known to own the tenacious and substantial abilities. Rama is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who had his wife as Sita and brother Lakshman. Being in doubt finally he decided to convince Goddess Durga. Why Durga? She is believed to have the superior power to defeat all evils and power to sustain the holiness and greatness also known as Adyashakti.

So, the incarnated phase of Vishnu decided to worship Goddess Adyashakti to gain the power, sense, and ability to fight the battle, win and return back to Kingdom with his wife “Sita”. But in order to offer prayer to the Goddess, it was important to fulfill the requirements for the rituals. The offerings were of 108 blue lotuses, which is rarely found but in order to complete the rituals and convince Goddess, it was necessary. After wandering around the forests and lakes he was able to collect the 108 lotuses.

lord rama

Unfortunately, while offering the “Neel Kamal”, it was found that only 107 were present as one was hidden by Durga, herself. So, Rama decided to offer one of his eyes that is compared to the beauty of Lotus.

But due to his intense devotion, Devi Durga returned the blue lotus, as she was pleased and accepted his prayers with 108 lotus, appeared in front of Rama. Adya Shakti Durga assured Rama to bless him with the power and strength to defeat the King of Demons in Lanka Ravana.

Lord rama

Akalbodhan Durga Puja in autumn

The arrival of the Autumn season has been auspicious for the Hindus, throughout the year kids to elders wait for this season when the Durga Puja is celebrated. Few families have the tradition to celebrate the Puja decades after decades that retains the peace and strength of their family tradition. People have always been experiencing wonders in this festival with the sounds of  Drums, chants, and laughter, happiness that is ample. The time when people forget about their anxiety, illness, and sorrows, the only thing that is inside their mind is the so-called “Maa Asche”. The power of Goddess Durga and the victory of Lord Rama to defeat Ravana is celebrated as “Akalbodhan”, it is performed with a greater belief to overcome evils and celebrate the joy of victory.

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