What Makes Number 7 Lucky For Most of Us

Number 7

Lucky numer 7 – In the world full of probability there are many numbers to choose or to be considered as a lucky number for any individual but still, there are very few numbers that are considered to be universally lucky and the number 7 is one of them.

It is no coincidence that number 7 is surely the world’s favourite number as it is almost everywhere, there are seven days in a week, the seven colours in a rainbow, seven notes of a musical scale and even the 7 seas and 7 continents.

Today we will be going to tell you the truth behind the luckiness of number 7. Why it is so lucky for most of us? And why from Indian cricket captain to Football star Ronaldo believe in this number. All these biggies have this lucky number in their jersey surely for a reason.

Number 7

So, let’s find out what makes this number so special.

According to spiritual world number 7 is the symbol of truth, this number is not taken by any religion, but those who follow and believes in the luckiness of this number are devoted to a singular power.

People who consider number 7 as there lucky one are intelligent, spiritual, focused, analytical, introspective, intuitive, studious and most probably the very knowledgeable person.

Rather being intelligent people having a lucky number as seven are also have these specific traits of being serious, contemplative and refined. But most of all they show a greater wisdom in their behaviour.

Number 7

As we all know money matters but for people who consider number 7 to be their lucky number money means nothing to them. They are also very good at making decisions on financial outcomes. They will never make a bad choice or predict anything wrong about their future finances. These people hate gossip a lot and not prefer being around with those who have small-minded backstabbing thinking for others.

Women having this number as their lucky one are believed to be beautiful and charming and they do not like to fuss in front of the mirror like any common women. They are very unconscious with other’s mindset, they always think that they are different from each other.

Number 7

Having so much luck with their side sometimes people also become negative as well. It is believed that people who consider number seven as their lucky number have some negative trait in them. Such as they can be aloof, short minded, sarcastic, backstabbers or even socially awkward.

So, these are the quality of those who opt to choose number 7 as their lucky number. Now you may understand why number 7 is so common for people to be considered as their lucky number. It is also common because of the celebrities who also choose number 7 to be their one lucky number among thousands. This number has not been taken by any religion as their holy digit or something. Hence number 7 creates its own destiny for people who like to choose it as their lucky digit.

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