How Much Is The Religion Buddhism, Unlike Hinduism?

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Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, and from it, Buddhism and Jainism are inspired. But there is no specific founder of the religion similar to Buddhism or Jainism. The ancient holy books that mention the specific religion, Rigvedas, or the Gita the sacred and holy books mention the importance. So, it was already understood that the founders of the latter have inspired by Hinduism. India has the greatest widespread of diversified religious beliefs from Sikh, Christianity, Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Both Buddhism as inspiring from Hinduism has different conceptions on the meaning and beliefs on the statement of “Dharma”. According to Buddhism, the Dharma states the universal law in which the followers of the religion are believed to go to the refuge. It guides the refuge to gain enlightenment. Not offering prayers to idols and gods, but to live life to the best creating a better life for his people and himself.

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But dharma has a separate focus on religious approaches, as people have to pray to the idol made of stone or statues. Offering prayers and other necessities grow knowledge by reading religious books or chant mantras to understand the differences in Dharma and win the goal to live a strong as well as a successful life. Defeating the evils and grooming intelligence to stay away from evils are explained in the mantras and other books related to Hinduism. Dharma is mostly related to worldly approaches instead of universal law.

Hindu Gods are more than 100 in numbers and each community of different languages and beliefs worship idols or deities. Both God and Goddesses are worshipped, but Buddhism does not have any such religious beliefs to worship idols or deities. Their belief is opposite to Hinduism as according to the religion of Gautama Buddha nothing is permanent. So, they worship nature and the universe and do not believe in worshipping deities.


Karma or destiny is mentioned in holy books of Hinduism and Buddhism but meanings for both are different. Both religions have the practice of Karma, but their way to perform and fulfill the requirement is entirely dissimilar. Karma is the work or activity that is carried out by the followers who want to find out their achievements. Enlightenment is the cause of whatever the Buddhists do to complete to understand Dhamma.

But from Hinduism religion, the meaning of Karma is highly complicated, not at all the simplicity of Karma is described in any of the Vedic and holy books. Bhagavad Gita describes the verses of Lord Krishna. The learnings from the verses which guide about the success, pride, and failures are the basic that still inspires human or worldly behaviors.

The core beliefs of religion Buddhism and Hinduism are different, but they believe in the incarnation despite disagreeing with deities by the Buddhists. Hindus have described the incarnations and changes with the depictions of idols and statues. Though both have “Karma” but following their pathways are not alike.

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