How Does  Bhagwad Gita Motivate In a Depressed Situation?

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Stress and anxiety in modern times are no longer restricted to any particular age. Even a teenager or a child is observed to suffer from anxiety and depression. A problem that has been existing since ancient times, it is the reason the need of taking care of mental health is discussed in Gita Bhagawad. In the Epic war of Mahabharata, the determination and dedication of Arjun defined success. But it was not an easy path, as the fear, anxiety, and depressed situation all was a part of the building of an epic war by the Pandavas and Karavas.

Lord Krishna’s verse inspires the warriors who are fighting boldly for achieving their goals honestly and with determination.

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Lord Krishna and his verses to face a depressed situation

According to the inspirational poems, as stated in Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna’s saying not only reduces anxiety at the same time enables one to deal with fear.

As he said:

Those people have control over their food habits and recreation. They are able to manage a better work-life balance, at the same time are able to maintain their sleep schedule can easily remove depression. Yog is the only and best way to remove the depressing situation and stay away from sadness or sorrow.

Lord Krishna spoke to give freedom from the mental burdens of sorrow, anger, and fear. As people are ignoring their mental health condition, they do not gain the strength to overcome hardships consistently.

In a position, unknowing, forcibly following their duties and responsibilities they overlook their mental peace. It slowly hampers physical health, lacking energy, side by side developing other problems.

It is why he said, that to give up the habit of worries and sadness an individual has to take refuge under the arms of Lord Krishna. But before that, the person has to renounce from duties. Krishna will take care of and liberate from sorrows and sadness.

While the Lord bestows Arjuna with blessing also consoles and directs him towards the path that ensures control over the mind. He said that the mind may be fickle and unable to take decisions. But it is not easy to train the mind to develop spirit and intellect. So he describes the need for practice and detachment.

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Detachment to focus

Detachment is the only tool that can help the mind to concentrate and work with better intellect. Learning, thinking, and applying altogether require detachment. Above all, it is the way to keep the mind happy and free from sorrows.

Secondly, the power tool is a sole-hearted practice to avoid unrequired or desirable objects. Addictions and habituation should never be instigated as they will always make a person a slave of desire. Not achieving or getting this can put a person into severe anxiety and depression.

In Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna says to practice being the ruler of your own mind, it improves the intellect and enables you to handle depressed situations. At the same time, staying away from detachment can make a person a great leader.

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