Different Incarnation Of “Mahakali” According To Mythology

smashan mahakali

“Mahakali”, believed to be defined as the strength or power to destroy evils. The incarnation of the mahakali on the earth has been mainly famous and that are established in temples in different parts of country India.

The main four incarnations of the Goddess are Adi Para Shakti, that we perform rituals with beliefs to Smashana Kali, Raksha Kali, Shyama Kali, and Adya Kali. Apart from these incarnations, there are 21 to 51 avatars of Goddess Kali.
Vama Kali is believed to be used in rituals by the tantric to gain power over evil spirits. It is less famous or known by people as it is one of the dangerous incarnations of Mahakali.

Popular four avatars of Goddess Kali….

smashan mahakali
Smashana Kali: The Goddesses are in tantric texts and compulsory in each Hindu cemetery. Smashana Kali is established as it has the spiritual belief to provide the path to Moksha. The protector of the cremation grounds keeping it free from all kinds of evil spirits through her power sword on her right hand with left-hand footing forward, with red to tongue out as fierce.

Raksha Kali: Goddess who is the idol of power, fights against all the evils and saves her people. She has a beautiful smiling face with soothing skin color. Raksha Kali is worshipped in temples established in houses. People find themselves more comfortable to worship Raksha Kali with the golden color of the tongue.

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Shyama Kali: Shyama, means dark one of the popular festivities is the Shyama Kali. The rituals are performed on the new moon day according to the Hindu mythology in the month Kartik, which is in October or November of the English calendar. It is celebrated on the day before Diwali.

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Adya Kali: The supreme power of Mahakali is seen in Adya Kali which means primal darkness. The divine power and energy are distributed to the entire universe. The varna of Adya is black with a beautiful white saree with a red border. Ornamented with a garland of flowers and golden jewelry.

Kamakhya Temple: Another temple is Kamakhya temple located in Assam, one of the 51 body parts of Devi Shakti had fallen in Kamakhya temple. It is one of the holiest Hindu temples.

Dakhineshwar temple: One of the Kali temple, with the largest space along with the center occupied by Mahakali in Dashinesjwar temple in kolkata. Devotees from different parts of India come to visit the Goddess, who holds a great devotion of the pilgrims.

Adyapith Temple: The Adya kali temple is about 15 minutes away from the Dakhshineswar temple which one can travel by car or walking. The establishment of Goddess Adya pith and the rituals can be observed regularly and several devotees visit regularly.

Kalighat temple: Kalighat temple, one of the oldest temples of Mahakali which believed to be built after the left toe of Sati fell. It was constructed at the heart of the city of Kolkata, the ancient place that still remains the same with the existence of Goddess Kali in Kalighat. It was built in the 15th century to spread the importance of the Goddess.

Tarapith temple: Tara Maa, the Mahakali that is established based on the body corpse of Devi Sati that had fallen in the area of Tarapith Temple. It is one of the holiest temples known as one of the Shakti Piths of Kali.

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