Connection of Lord Krishna And 18 Signs On Govardhan Parvat

Lord krishna

The mythological story of Lord Krishna and the lifting of the Govardhan Parvat has been a great tale of remembrance. Life of the small cowboy to the great warrior who fought against strong enemies, nature all are described through the manifestations on the top of the mountains that are still observed, they are believed to be the symbols of the existence of Lord Krishna:

  1. Footprints

The footprints of  Lord Krishna are observed in the mountains. It is believed that the footprints are of his teenage period when he used to play around with his cows to the fields

  1. Kanha footprints, cowboy his 8 friends

Apart from the footprints of Kanha, there are also other footprints that describe the presence of his 8 friends who played with him the whole day.

Lord Krishna 1

  1. Radha searching Krishna

It is believed that Radha searched Krishna with the traces of footprints that are seen and still present in the mountains which describe their childhood friendship.

  1. Makhan

We recall him as Makhan Chor, the traces of drops and pieces of the buttermilk is still believed to be present on the mountains.

  1. Radha footprint

Similar to Krishna’s there are also the signs of footprints of Radha, and similarly, like Radha, he found Radha with the traces.

  1. Pitambar remain

Sharp lines of manifestations of the clothes of Krishna, as a cowboy that is known as Pitambar” Yellow clothes” are seen.

  1. Cows

Cows, the Vahana of the small cow-herd boy, Gopala that is still found roaming around the areas Braj and the Govardhan Parvat. Though it is nothing special as all parts of India, the domestic cows are present.

Lord Krishna 3

  1. Flute and Shiva Linga

The idol of Lord Shiva is worshipped on the hills of the mountain, the story behind the tale of worship is that Shiva wanted to hear the playing of flute and feel his love for Radhe. So, he came to the mountain as Radhe to learn about the Rasleela.

  1. Sindoori Parvat

Brushing the mountain known “Sindoori Parvat” with your finger itself gives a red color that is believed to be the vermilion that Krishna applied on Radhe’s forehead.

  1. Spoons and bowls

Spoons, bowls are also believed to be as manifested along with the white marks, that looks as if streams of white milk is flowing down through the mountain. Few patches that are the half heel signs are considered of Gopala.

  1. Temple

The temple of Lord Indra that describes the mythological tale of heavy rain that was a cause of destruction. So Lord Indra is worshipped after establishing the idol with 56 bhogs provided to satisfy and save nature and people from destruction.

  1. Reduces yearly

Every year the mountain reduces, and it is believed that it is because of the curse by the priest Pulastya.

  1. Radha Kundh mansi ganga

Many temples and ponds are present with a certain significance, Radha Kundh with the attachment to Mansi Ganga has also a specific story.

  1. Harji Kundh

Harji KUndh and Vithal Mandir are the other two major temples with important mythological significance from ages are present in the Govardhan Parvat.

Though the manifestations connected to Lord Krishna are on religious believes but the archeological departments have not been able to challenge their trust or prove about the traces on Govardhan Parvat.

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