What Does Indian Epics Mention About Wealth and Prosperity?

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Epics describe wealth as a model of the instrument to help the poor and needy on the earth. People who earn wealth and prosperity should not be limited to satisfy their own needs. But apart from supporting the family the person should be strong enough to support the poor and underprivileged.

Vedas has already mentioned about the necessity of establishment of power for the well being of the society. So, when we peep into the pages of the Vedas, about the charity for the society is as follows:

God snatches away the wealth of the greedy people

And bestows his blessings to the Generous

So, greedy people cannot be prosperous and famous, as to be so one has to be subjective to dedication for work, earn and share the earnings. Necessity has been the main reason that people start to look forward to improving their wealth. As one step to the ladder of success never forgets to applause those who have been supporting and working together. It can be a clerk or co-workers. This describes the nature of a person that pushes to derive high.

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The owner of a company cannot work alone, a skilled and planned strategy with manual strength is necessary to develop a good business. Employees start to dedicate their time and labor when they are aware that they will be taken care of and paid well by the company.  As an owner, being a millionaire or billionaire it becomes a chore to provide the best remuneration when each time the company gains a profit.

On contradictory if owners deny doing so, it is already destined that the power and platform will no longer stand long in the future. Therefore when the blessings of being rich are bestowed it is important to remove greediness.

Lines from the epics Rig Veda and Sama Veda:

Men should think good about wealth and work hard to win

That should be through a certain path and through worship

Let him learn and know through his inner wisdom

It is always important for a person to work hard on a particular platform or job to earn wealth. Knowing and learning the skills for better working capability is another point that one should focus on before opting for a scope to earn wealth. Working is compared to worship, so after experiences from the knowledge a person is able to work through his inner wisdom. When wisdom begins to sculpt the future enhancing opportunities to work, earn wealth and prosperity.

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Choose the right companion from Rig Veda

A person who does not want to share his food, selfish enough as he likes to feed himself and no one else; is not fit to be friends. Vice versa, be selective about companions who will try to help at the right time, it should not be any one-sided formality.

In friendship, both should be ready to help one another rather than being selfish and greedy. Trying to feed himself instead of helping his friends.

One who refuses to share his food

With starving brethren

Is not fit to be friends

Finally, wealth and prosperity earned through honesty or with a good reason flourish while greedy, wealthy people are destroyed.

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