Believe or Not Ravana was a Great King

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King Ravana is a negative character of Ramayana, the king of Lanka with the power of “Dusshanan”. The king with ten heads enhances the power of being immortal.

The top disciple of Lord Shiva was this 10 headed King. Due to his intense devotion towards Lord Shiva, he became the closest devotees blessed with the boon of never dying.

Though he has a defaming character for kidnapping Sita, the great King was one of the best Kings of Epic.

King Ravana with skills of Warrior

The ancient literature and arts mention Ravana as one of the great warriors who belongs to the empire of Lanka. Ravana was the king who won several battles and defeating demons, emperors to capturing territories.
Being a great ruler “King Ravana”, who has fought till the end as per in the epic Ramayana. The battle between Ram and Ravana continued for 10 days, but killing him was not easy at all. He was a person with courage and determination. During the 20th century, he was declared as the ultimate Dravidian hero by the political Periyar.

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Immortal King Ravana

After chopping the head 10 times to please lord Shiva, he was blessed with 10 heads with immortality. The superior King was also blessed with immortality due to his extreme Tapasya to gain the blessings of never dying.

Finally, he was given the boon of celestial nectar immortality. The Great King Ravana knew about his death, he was aware that the powerful emperor will be killed by the incarnation of Vishnu. His blessings of immortality were in danger with the birth of Lord Rama.

King ravana 4

Musician, Artist, and Scholar

The art scriptures describe Ravana as a great artist who has knowledge of 64 different arts. The powerful demon also had the knowledge of tantra vidya, who is known as Brahmyarakshasha. As a musician, he was an excellent Veena player. Being well skilled in music and art he invented the Ravanhatha.

The instrument was easy for the beginners to learn the ragas and play them. It was similar to a violin that was connected with strings for playing the Ragas. So, the Great King, the Dravidian ruler had a keen interest in music, and the poet has the composition “Rudra Stotra” dedicating to Lord Shiva.

King Ravana 6


Ravana was a great astrologer with greater knowledge wrote the book “Ravana Samahita”. He also invented the Ayurvedic method “Arka Sastra”. His Kumara Tantra is the guidance to treat the diseases related to infants.

The great King Ravana had the wisdom that was able to determine with his descriptive information about astrology in his book.

Great Grandson of Brahma

The ruler of the demons, Ravana was the Great Grandson of Brahma. He was the son of a priest or Rishi Visrava, who was a Brahmin and married Kaikesi from the demon community. This is the reason he is known as a Brahmarakshasha.

Demon or the Great King Ravana has always been introduced as a powerful villain character. But apart from kidnapping Sita, that led to ending his immortality due to ego and overconfidence. Ravana was a Great scholar and Ruler.

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