6 Men Talked About The Most Unconventional Thing That Made Them Fall In Love.

Things That Make men Fall In Love

Things that make men fall in love – We think that men fall for either looks or your fashion sense or just the perfection you have in you.

That’s the reason why we always care about how we look from outside whenever it comes to impressing a man.

But when we talked with few men about what made them fall in love with their girlfriends, their answers had the most unconventional reasons.

Well, we were surprised too but as unusual as those answers were, they literally were too honest to be believed.

Here are the things that make men fall in love :

1. “I don’t really remember if I noticed her looks at all when I met her for the first time because all I could see was a short girl dancing on the floor alone. We became friends that day and one thing that makes me fall for her every day is how excited she is about life and how she celebrates every moment with her crazy dance steps.” – Anonymous

2. “I love how she doesn’t take shit from any random person. Whether it’s her boss or even me, she knows how to take a stand for the right thing. Though we have a lot of fights because of that, deep down I know that that’s how she is – extremely fierce.”Anonymous

3. “I fell in love with how messy her hair are always and yet she doesn’t care about it. Whether it is a party or at work, she lets her hair by and to be honest, those messy hair have now become the most amazing thing about her.” – Anonymous

4. “She is not the kind of girl you see everywhere. She is independent, fierce, and strong. She fights her own fights. She doesn’t ask for support or expect from me to do all that guy stuff in a relationship. In fact, she is the one who plans all our dates and gives me surprises. I mean, who does that? That’s why I fall in love with her every day.”Anonymous

5. “The way she talks is what I am in love with from the very first day. She doesn’t think before saying anything and every time she speaks, it’s brutally honest and I love that.”Anonymous

6. “I love the way she sleeps. It’s like she is in her own dreamland and doesn’t want to get out of there at all. I love to watch her sleep because that’s when she is the prettiest.”Anonymous

These are the things that make men fall in love. Didn’t you get awestruck after listening to these men’s thoughts? Well, some of you might be jealous and some must be smiling too thinking of their boyfriends. So, what made you fall in love? Comment below.

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