Why Indian Parents Strongly Believe In An Arranged Marriage?

If you are someone in your 20s something you will very well understand what this story is going be like. It will surely be a topic that is of a big discussion at home these days..Read on to know more…

You have no idea what life look will like tomorrow when you are in this age. Most importantly, you get freaked out when your parents actually tell you that they will start hunting for a life partner for you.

Not that you really don’t trust their choices. If you are from a typical Indian family most of the early life decisions are taken by your parents. Hmm! Still it scares you when they come and tell you to tie knots with a random individual.

Many of us must have never even dated a random person in life. Not that we weren’t capable of getting one. Okay, I was just trying to be nice to most of you out there. Let’s admit many of us don’t really have the guts to talk to someone we like. How would we actually spend the rest of our life with someone who we would meet on few occasions?


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