Why exes can never be friends

We tell you why two people, who were in love and then went their separate ways, can never be friends.

All those who say exes can stay friends are not saying the truth. Because it’s impossible to be friends with someone you have made memories of a different kind. Despite that attraction being absent after a break-up, there’s going to be that awkward friction that nobody can escape. We tell you why exes can never be friends. Read on!

Good and bad memories:
With an ex, you share both good and bad memories. So, it becomes really awkward when they meet you for a casual drink or for a movie or even in a group.

Friends have a tough choice to make:
Common friends are going to be split into two groups now. The pro-you and the pro-him/her. It’s going to be very ugly as each of your friends decide which group to be a part of. Just think of the popular American sitcom Friends where the friends were torn between Ross and Rachel.

Partner troubles:
Although it’s healthy to end a relationship on a decent note, being overtly friendly with him/her is definitely not advisable. It will not only stop you from moving on, but also make your current partner uneasy.

One of them hasn’t moved on:
In a break-up, one of them is still hanging on to the past and wishing for a patch-up. Constant meetings and ‘being in touch’ can give false hopes that person.

It didn’t end well:
Obviously, if it was an ugly break-up…there’s no way you can continue talking to him/her. It’s better to let go than to plot elaborate revenges. Trust us…just forget and move on (easier said than done. Sigh)


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