5 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend To Your Ex, And Make It Beautiful Bond Without Calling In Ugliness!


For those who are brave enough and choose to stay loyal friends with their ex, it is a tough job to keep away the tension and jealousy (especially if the ex has a new partner), but there are bold people in this world who take the unconventional step and maintain a healthy relationship as friends with their ex.

 “We broke up with each other recently, but we’re still very good friends.”

You may have heard some of your friends say this. It is admirable that their relation as friends still works in order to maintain that closeness even after blurring out the endearing love.

  • For most people, breakups are painful and lesson-giving. For others, it is an understanding that this won’t work out, let’s be great friends instead!
  • If you too share the same ideology or are going through a breakup, maybe these tips will help you cope with that breakup better and still maintain a close-knit circle with your beloved (ex-beloved).

Here are some ways in which you can still maintain a platonic relationship relationship and be a best friend to your ex with an ex without making it sour:

1.  Come to terms ASAP with the end of the relationship

  • After constant in-fighting, it is a given that it will not work out as lovers between you two. Heck! Forget it, embrace him/her as a friend!
  • Being pseudo-friends helps in coping up with the need to ‘move on’. Take some time out and distance yourself, but maintain contact. Do not hurl abuses or threaten, it will hurt you even more.
  • Once you can clearly see past all the hurt and disappointment, swear to yourself that this will only be a friendship from now on. See how happy you will be then!

2.  Be Prepared For A Relationship That Will Not Feel The Same Way Again.

  • Do not try to make deep, meaningful conversations about love anymore.
  • The physical attraction will need to be cut down.
  • Cherish the memories and just maintain familiarity with the person.
  • Smile rather than frown in their presence.

3.  Respect His / Her Personal Space, Life’s Decisions And Their Newfound Freedom

  • You are no longer his/her lover, so do not dictate or dissuade them from doing something. Simply advise and curtail any feelings of love. Doesn’t matter who got dumped by who, be friends now. Isn’t better than missing them and brooding over their memories?
  • If they take a decision to do something, let them. Their newfound freedom is none of your business anymore since their life’s decisions do not need your consent anymore.

4.  Don’t Be Clingy

  • If you find out that he/she have a new partner or that he/she is flirting with someone, smile and move on. There must be a strong reason you broke up isn’t it?
  • So, if you find them going wild or posting ‘happy’ selfies with a person other than you, accept that making any kind of desperate attempt to salvage the relationship will make things sour.
  • If you know that this person belongs to you for eternity (mushy mumbo jumbo), then wait for the right time rather than turning into a stalker!

5.  Do Not Expect Any Physical Intimacy!

  • No kisses, no hugs, no sex! NO! Do not, try to take back what used to happen in the past! Pity sex is the worst kind!
  • If you get back together as lovers and breakup again, all hell will break loose! Friendship? Even seeing each other eye-to-eye will become a nightmare!

Do not spend any effort in trying to get back a person as a lover who doesn’t love you like you love them. Have self-respect and maintain your dignity. There is someone out there who is rightfully yours. This person is certainly not that! Keep them as a friend and be happy! After all singularity is always better than falling into the ‘wrong’ kind of love. A love that makes you loath yourself for initiating the relationship or giving in your all into it.

Friendship is best, if you can handle it. Let us know in the comments section if you are friends with your ex. Let us know what kind of a daredevil you are! LOL!

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