This Unbelievable Love Story Will Blow Your Mind

In this day and age of information overload and 24/7 technological presence, there is one love story that will take you back to the simpler times…

(Based on a true story. Names have been changed)

In this day and age of information overload and 24/7 technological presence, there is one love story that will take you back to the simpler times…

Asha and Amit are unlike any other couple, because they fell in love with each other even without meeting once. It’s quite unbelievable in this age, right?

Amit was browsing through Facebook when he came across Asha’s profile. A poet by hobby, Asha’s beautifully written and heart-touching couplets tugged at his heart. He kept coming back to her page just to read her poems. Even though her profile picture was that of a famous actress, he started liking her. On an impulse, he sent her a friend request.

When he came the next day to read her poems, he was surprised to see that she had accepted his friend request. He was quite thrilled as he had not really expected it. He shot her a message on FB and waited for her get back. Would she reply? Won’t she reply? Well, she did reply.

‘Hello, your poems are wonderful. Keep it up’, he sent her on Facebook.

‘Thank you so much. Nobody has liked them before’

‘Really? Wow…so, what do you do?’

‘I am an artist. What about you?’

‘Wow! That sounds cool. I have a small computer business’

‘Oh…nice. Listen, I need to log out now. Catch up later?’


This chatting on the net went on for weeks. Both used to love sharing tidbits about their everyday routine with each other. They would also talk about movies, love, life and just about everything under the sun. He started liking her more and more. She was a gentle and sweet girl who never rushed things. She worked at her own pace and had immense patience. May be that’s the mark of a true artist.

During one of their chats, he asked for her mobile number. He wanted to hear her voice. In fact, he desperately wanted to. She hesitated for a bit, but gave him her number. Boy, was he overjoyed!

He started calling her up and talking to her for hours on end. They seem to be really comfortable with each other. This went on for a couple of weeks, When on a beautiful Monday morning, Amit tired to reach her over the phone, he was rather shocked to hear that her phone was temporarily disconnected. His beautiful and bright morning had turned pale and gloomy and that’s when he realised how much he loved her.

He didn’t hear from her for two days and took to FB to find out her whereabouts. He messaged her, left a line on her wall and even texted on her cell. NOTHING.

After a few days, she called him. He had given up on all hope, but was jumping with joy when he saw her number flash.

‘Where have you been, Ms artist?’ he teased.

‘umm…look, I have some personal issues. So you can’t call on my number. But I will call you whenever and however I can…because…because…I love you!’

‘I…umm…love you too’.

The next time they spoke was after 26 days. He had kept count and was wondering if the call would ever come. It did come and made him so happy that he forgot about the pain of past few days.


When today’s love stories can’t thrive despite FaceTime, Skype and other communication tools, here’s a love saga that stood the test of time. The two haven’t met till date, he hasn’t even seen her photo and they talk once in fifteen days. WOW.

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