Decoded Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In India 2017!

Highest paid jobs in India

Highest paid jobs in India – Anything in this world does not come for free or easily. You will need money and when it comes to having money, you just have two options.

One is either you need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you need to work really hard to make money.

Not many of you will be born rich but you can definitely work really hard and make money. It is very tough to get a job that is going to pay you really high. You need to do a lot of research for it and have the right qualification as well.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid jobs in India 2017!!!

Highest paid jobs in India –

1 – Management professionals of any organisation are considered as the back bone of that organisation. They are going to make the task of the company and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Entry level professionals may find it a little challenging but once you cross that stage, then you can earn really good. Entry levels make Rs 3,00,000 and experienced can earn Rs 80,00,000.

2 – Investment bankers make money by giving financial advices to company and by raising funds. Entry level professional can make Rs 12,00,000

3 – If you are really well groomed in Chartered Accounting job, then you are going to make pretty good income and a lot of respect as well. Highly experienced CA gets Rs 25,70,000.

4 – Marine engineers and Geologists can make good income when they can secure a job in Oil and Natural Gas sectors. Rs 15 Lakhs without any other extra perks.

5 – Business Analyst is very essential for every company as they can handle the business well when the competition in the market is growing every single day. Entry level professionals itself make 6 lakhs.

6 -Medical field where there is no retirement and no recession as well. There is no limit for the income if you are a good surgeon.

7 – Aviation professionals have sky as limit for their job and it is the same for their salaries as well. They make as low as Rs 20 lakhs.

8 – Lawyers need to work really hard at the initial stage but once they get a good name in the field, sky is the limit. They can even ask for lakhs for a single argument.

9 – Marketing needs a high of patience and it is an art. If you think you can handle it really well, then you can even become CEO in no time.

10 – If you are good in development, then software profession is really good option for you.

These are highest paid jobs in India – So, these are the list of jobs that pay quite well so what are you choosing to make it big!

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