The Movie Sequels Coming In 2016 You Knew Nothing About! We Are The First One To Reveal To You!


There certainly are a few Hollywood movies that desperately need sequels. They leave us asking for more when it comes to the storyline and stupendous performances.

Movie sequels are a breath of relief, when they come out to give all of us an opportunity to relive some fantastic cinema in its most lively form. For 2016, there are so many sequels underway which are yet to be announced. Everybody knows that Batman v Superman is coming out next year, of course, but not every movie that winds up getting a sequel is lucky enough to have such a huge and unavoidable marketing campaign, or such a large hold on popular culture in general. Yet they are the movies that served us some meat for the eyes, that we can relish again. Some good and some not so good movies are coming up with the sequels.

Here are 5 Hollywood movie sequels that you might be waiting for but knew nothing about:

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Release Date: March 25, 2016

If you remember this cute movie from 2002, you would remember it as a huge cultural matrimony drama where two communities were getting married to each other, along with the couple in love.  Every second person on earth watched the movie and enjoyed it too. Which meant that, against the odds, the movie earned $368 million, which was made on ridiculously tiny budget of $5 million. You don’t have to be a genius to know that’s absolutely brilliant. Now, 13 years later a filmmaker realized that the sheer amount of profit made by that first picture was downright insane, and so a sequel should exist . And it was a treat to watch anyway. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will once again star cute actress Nia Vardalos in a movie based on a script she wrote (she also penned the first one). We definitely are waiting for this one, as we lapped the first one like crazy!


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