7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Missing You


True love is durable fire,
In the mind ever burning,
Never sick, never dead, never cold,
From itself never turning.
– William Shakespeare.

One can understand how much your partner misses you when you stay away from them. It’s not always that girls long for their boyfriends, it also the other way round. Today we have rounded some signs that will help you to understand when your boyfriend is missing you.

  1. He talks less while calling and you can feel it in his voice as well.

Guys’ emotions reflect in the way they speak and one can gauge that from their voice tone as well. This change in voice tone indicates heavy heart and choke of throat that shows.

  1. He suddenly calls you or asks you to talk or chat for more time at odd times.

Guys are impulsive in dealing in emotions. And it’s direct sign when you have missed calls in double digits on how much he misses you. He will keep on saying and even mundane things just to get you talk to him. He will involve you in his stuffs and find more excuses to talk to your over phone or chat.

  1. He gets nostalgic.

He gets nostalgic and keeps bringing up memories about old days you have spent. He takes you deep down the memory lane. They will start gazing old pictures and presents gifted by you.

  1. He plans to meet you and tells you about his plans.

He goes on with his insane plans for the next time he plans to see you. He will tell about his fantasies and plans that he thinks and how he would like to spend the day which is right now most anticipated one.

  1. He asks you for your pictures and constantly asks you for meeting you soon.

He would ask you to send pictures of you right away. It’s better to give them the pictures right away to subside their pain missing you. He will deliberately dig up reasons inured to meet you often.

  1. He irritates and gets mad at you for no reason.

He is annoying you but he is not doing that purposely sometimes he is missing you and he gets at mad at you so that he can less miss you. This sounds weird and senseless but yes they do.

  1. He brings up I-will-always-love-you conversations.

Frequent calls ad chats which leads you these conversations is common sign that shows how much he is missing you.

If your boyfriend too shows these signs then stay assured that you boyfriend loves you from the core of his heart.

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