6 Honest Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is Just Too IMMATURE!

Signs Of Immature Relationship

Signs Of Immature Relationship – If you’re looking for a serious relationship with the presence of immaturity, then let me tell you, you are on the wrong track.

Yes, because there’s either a “serious relationship” or an “immature relationship” i.e. entirely immature.

You can obviously do silly immature things to have FUN in a relationship. But, if your relationship is ONLY filled with those immature happenings, then honestly, it ain’t gonna last until and unless you make it right and tight.

Here I’ve listed the signs of an immature relationship.

Well, you don’t need to break up once you relate to these points because you can always try to talk it out and solve. So, read these signs and make sure to make them turn right before it breaks your lovely nest.

  1. One-upping is what you both love

I personally hate one-uppers. Frankly, if your relationship is a battle game where you’re trying to prove each other that you’re better “this and that”, then let me tell you that it’s bullshitingly immature. In a relationship, equality matters. If you’ve to prove each other that “I’m better than you”, then sorry, but what kind of a relationship is that?

  1. You don’t open up about your feelings

In a relationship, you must never ever hide your feelings. You know why; because later it only creates misunderstanding. You or your partner might expect that you must understand each other without talking about a certain thing, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

So, talk about your feelings and encourage your partner to do the same thing.

  1. Not accepting your own mistakes

You must learn to accept your mistake because that’s how you win a person. If your partner is always blaming you, then talk it out, dude. Blaming others just proves that you’re a selfish prick.

So, don’t do it or don’t let your partner do it.

  1. Taking help to solve problems

Are you in a relationship where your partner always bumps into telling your friend about your fights and then they come and convince you? This looks so bad and one needs to stop it. You must learn to talk about your fights and complaints. Do not involve any third person into it, because it’ll make the situation, even more, worse.

  1. Not putting efforts to make the relationship work

Problems are in every relationship. Accept it. But, dealing with them is what matters a lot. So, if your partner is not putting any effort to make things lively, then I guess, it’s time to teach them a lesson.

Talk to your partner straightly and if your partner seems to be not taking things seriously, then you know what you have to do, right?

  1. Hiding your true self

Yes, that’s immaturity too. People who are always acting up to hide their inner-true-self are simply immature. Tell your partner, you want to love them for who they are and not what they’re trying to be.

Same goes to you as well.

So, these were the signs of an immature relationship. Are there any signs of immaturity that you will love to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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