How Girls Can Keep Her Guy Interested In Her During Epic Football Matches!

If you’re not football fan and don’t know how to keep boyfriend, partner, husband interested in you during this period epic football matches

The football fever has gripped the entire world, and how!

Every self-proclaimed fan is out celebrating and talking about the matches on social networking sites.

If you’re a chick and are a fan, you’re awesome!

But if you’re like me and know only the basics of the game and don’t know how to keep your boyfriend / partner / husband involved and interested during this period, read on:

Wear his favorite team’s jersey:
Oh, we forgot to mention that you should wear ONLY that. Yes, wear only the jersey and cheer madly for the team your guy digs. Even the most hardcore of fans will be distracted by those long legs and smooth skin for sure. You don’t even have to put in efforts, he will give you the time and energy even when his favorite player is gearing up to score a goal. Trust us, ladies…this is worth it.

Yummy finger-foods:
So what if you don’t know how to make his favorite finger-foods, you can always load up on chips and dips. Get baked chips and munchies and a variety of dips that he and his guys can indulge in. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy as all his friends become a big fan of you and your thoughtful snacks! If the munchies happen to be non-messy and non-oily, you’re sorted!

Beer dispenser of the night:
Want to make it really sexy? Act as the official beer dispenser of the night. Watch his glass closely and pour/re-pour beer whenever it’s half full! This way, he wouldn’t waste precious goals, fouls and other tidbits while looking for his beer. It’s also your duty to keep the beer chilled at all times! Since you don’t really care about who wins or loses, getting up between- matches to pour drinks is your territory! Tip: Pour it wearing your jersey. Enough said.

Read up something about the teams:
Even if you don’t really care what happens to the matches, your partner does. So it won’t hurt to know at least something about the teams that are playing. Even if you just want to comment on their hot bodies and sexy hairstyles, at least learn their names and other trivia!

Start drooling over hot players!
We don’t necessarily have to tell you this. But overdo it this time. Go all out in drooling over that hottie who is playing a mean game of football. Better still, start flapping your lashes for the stud whose team your partner despises. He will not only start paying you more attention, but also acknowledge as one of the bros ( to stop you from talking about the players, of course!)

So, girls, are you ready to take on the game with your own twists and turns?

All the best kicking some ass!

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