The big face-off: Dhoom 3 vs Krrish 3

Between Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3, which one will break Chennai Express; records at the BO? We find out.

It’s raining sequels in Bollywood this year and the two movies the nation is eagerly waiting for are Aamir Khan‘s villainous role ‘Dhoom 3‘ and Hrithik Roshan‘s superhero act in ‘Krrish 3‘. While the former is coming out for Christmas, the latter is scheduled for a Diwali release. Which of the two will break the mammoth record set by ‘Chennai Express‘? For that we need to wait and watch, but we do a quick comparison between the two to make it easier for you to decide! Read on:


Interesting cast:
Both the movies have an interesting set of cast that’s keeping our interests alive. If Dhoom 3 boasts of Aamir as the vicious villain, Krrish 3 has Kangna Ranaut and Viveik Oberoi as mutant attackers who are hell bent on making the hero’s life miserable. Apart from franchise regulars Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, Dhoom 3 has Katrina Kaif joining the boy gang. Will she go the Ash way from Dhoom 2? Or play Abhi’s love interest like Rimi Sen from the original? On the other hand, Krrish 3 sees Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik reprising their roles from ‘Krrish‘. We might just spot Preity Zinta (Hrithik Roshan Sr’s wife from the original) in a guest appearance!

While Krrish 3 is a superhero movie with Hrithik playing a caped crusader protecting the world from impending doom, Dhoom 3 is a chase action-thriller. Both have great plot set ups and it’s juts a matter who will execute his better! If Hrithik is seen flying all over the sky, the Dhoom 3 gang will be racing each other on their BMW bikes. It’s a known fact that everybody secretly wishes to be a superhero, so the movie is a brighter chance. But let’s not forget that men really dig their bikes and a racing movie might just be what they are looking for.

First impression:
We haven’t seen much of the Yash Raj project much, as only the teaser and motion poster have come out. But from whatever we have got, we are feeling the thrill already and can safely say with Aamir on the helm of things, there’s no way the makers can fail us. But we can’t say the same for Rakesh Roshan‘s home production, as whatever songs have come out so far are average, to put it mildly. The music, which has been the highlight of Roshans’ movies, seems to have been compromised upon this time. We don’t know what ‘Dhoom 3‘ has to offer, but the famous catchtune of ‘Dhoom Dhoom’ will sure be there and it’s enough the give this round to Pritam than Rajesh Roshan.

Who thought of the name ‘Krrish 3’, we would never know. But there’s a bit of confusion as ideally it should have been ‘Krrish 2‘ as the previous ones were ‘Krrish’ and ‘Koi Mil Gaya‘. There’s not any trouble with ‘Dhoom 3’ as the previous installments were ‘Dhoom 2′ and ‘Dhoom‘. There’s a sort of a connectivity here that Krrish 3 is definitely lacking in. But the way the ‘Krrish 3’ PR machinery is working, we don’t think the slight confusion in the title will affect the movie in any way. What do you think?


Final verdict:
It all boils down to an individual’s interest more than the movies themselves. If you’re a superhero fan, you would want to watch Krrish 3 and then compare it with the ‘Dark Knight Rises‘. Ahem. Similarly, if you love the ‘Fast and Furious’ kind of movies, you would definitely go for ‘Dhoom 3’. But out of the two, purely based on what we have seen so far, ‘Dhoom 3’ looks like a promising film all set to shatter Chennai Express‘ records. Because the USP of the movie is the elusive Aamir whose ‘one movie a year’ scheme does wonders to the movie’s collections at the BO.

Which movie are you rooting for? Tell us in the comments section below!

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