Hickeys Might Be Cool But The Bruises Can Literally Kill You!


Hickeys or Love bite is a unique way of expressing love in the midst of a passionate romance.

Nowadays, many couple tends to experiment this sweet gesture of “love-making” act. It is also teased as “Vampire’s Kiss”. Right?

The bruise-like-mark by kissing or sucking a partner’s neck etc might seem a pretty cool way of expressing someone as “Mine”.

Well frankly, if you’ve ever experience doing it or will be doing it then just be careful enough. It’s because this passionate love-scene can turn out to be entirely dangerous too.

Take this as a complete sign of warning because too-much can literally cost your life to death.

Hickeys are unsafe and this whole point is making headlines as well, so just be aware. If you’re wondering how a sweet gesture can be harmful then let me tell you something-

  • Hickey is not a sweet kiss but it’s an aggressive sucking. Soo… aggressive that it literally causes the blood vessels beneath the skin, to break.
  • This aggressiveness later turns out to create the bruises or scars.


They have negative health side effects too.

Hickeys if turned wrong can cause strokes.

CASE:In 2011, a woman from New Zealand suffered from stroke because of hickey. Her whole left-arm was totally paralysed because the sucking created a blood clot in her neck which was very painful.

  • NOTE: – This act took place when her partner sucked too-hard.

Hickeys might just be the bruises but dang they can be full-of-embarrassment as well. (Depends) Be smart, if your partner has oral herpes & leans on to give you a hickey and if one of his cold sores is active then the virus will pass onto your skin.

If you think hickeys will go away quickly or with some medical product it will just disappear then you’re certainly wrong. Yes, you read it right.

  • Hickeys have no cure at all.
  • It will take it’s time to heal perfectly and disappear.
  • NOTE: – Rubbing Coins and toothbrushes will not help you get rid of the bruise. So, if you’re trying hard enough with it then it’s time you just STOP doing it.

CASE: – A 17 year old boy (Julio Macias Gonzalez) in Mexico City died after he received a hickey from his girlfriend (24 years old). The reason behind his death was- Stroke. The so-called lovable hickey resulted in a blood clot and it travelled onto his brain which later caused stroke.

It all took place when he was having a dinner with his family. A big loss, isn’t it?

In short, hickeys are undeniably risky.

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