Girls, Are You Feasting Your Eyes On These Ridiculously Hot Footballers?

FIFA has your guy going nuts and rightly so. If you couldn’t care less about the games and the teams, at least watch the matches for these ridiculously good looking guys. Get ready to swoon big time this football season…

FIFA has your guy going nuts and rightly so. If you couldn’t care less about the games and the teams, at least watch the matches for these ridiculously good looking guys. They will make you drool and blush. Get ready to swoon big time this football season…over these ten dudes. Enjoy the list…you’re welcome!

Gerard Piqué

Team: Spain
Height: 192 cm
Age: 27

The Spanish hottie can make you drool even in a garbage bag. Look at those eyes where you can swim till the end of the world. And that smile. Really, it’s a crime to be this hot. What’s more, his partner is the world’s hottest woman, Shakira. Some guys have it all, eh?

Iker Casillas

Team: Spain
Height: 185 cm
Age: 33

Another Spanish on this list. Please let Spanish men play, they distract the other players with their Greek god good looks. Look at his chiseled face and jaw line. I think I may be swooning a bit. You?

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Sergio Ramos

Team: Spain
Height: 183 cm
Age: 28

Oh, these Spanish men! They must stop making us crazy. He is so charming, he just needs to smile is dazzling smile for the opponents to lose their concentration. It’s a god thing we are not going to be watching this sexy man play live. Not good for our hearts, no?

Sergio Romero

Team: Argenita
Height: 193 cm
Age: 27

This man can look effortlessly hot in just about any hairstyle and get-up. With his boyish good looks and killer body, he could be the poster boy of any game! It also helps that he is a good player who the world is eager to watch. Way to go, dude!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Team: Portugal
Height: 185
Age: 29

He might not be one of my most favourites, but it would be criminal to leave him out of this list. The man has a killer body and an equally handsome face to match. What more do football-novices want? *sigh*

Glen Johnson

Team: England
Height: 182 cm
Age: 29

This English footballer is so innocently charming that you want to take him home to your mother. His skills with the ball aside, he is a total eye candy who will definitely be on our drool-list this FIFA. Look at that smile, girls…just look.

Ezequiel Lavezzi

Team: Argentina
Height: 173 cm
Age: 29

He is as exotic as his name. We love his lop-sided smile, his side profile, and of course, his sexy tattoos. We would definitely have our pop corn and cola with us when we are watching this stunner play. Right, ladies?

Jack Wilshere

Team: England
Height: 172 cm
Age: 22

The English man can make any women lose her sleep, thanks to his hot bod and even hotter dimples. You can score a couple of goals in those deliciously deep dimples of his. With his golden hair and sparkling smile, he is not going to make us regret watching football over something else. You go, boy!


Team: Brazil
Height: 175 cm
Age: 22

He may be the firang version of Kunal Khemu, but the Brazilian hottie has a sexy gait that makes go weak in the knees. With his devil may care smile and model-esque looks, the boy has been ruling the game on his home ground. It’s no surprise that the crowds go berserk when he is on the field!

Girls, which hottie are you going to cheer this season?

Now that we have given you this cool list, there’s no need to fight over he remote with your partner. These men are resin enough to watch football, eh?


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