Why Isn’t Priyanka Gandhi Joining Active Politics?


Congress is in the dumps and trying really hard to come out of the oblivion that BJP sent it into more than a year back. However, except for stalling the Parliamentary proceedings and raking up non-issues, the party hasn’t been able to do much to revive its sagging fortunes.

In these times, yet again the only ray of light that everyone is looking at is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra!

No doubt, Rahul Gandhi has come back from his long introspective break and jumped into the thick of things, raising issues left, right and centre and trying to do everything possible to be counted as a serious politician. However, he is making all the right noises without offering solutions for any of the problems. In fact, he is not even realizing that many of the problems of today were created by his party’s government only over the years! This is one reason his respect amongst the ordinary citizens is not gaining much ground, even if his party members are trying to at least look like supporting him whole-heartedly.

This is why Priyanka is so important for the revival of the grand old party, but she is very rigid about her stand of not entering active politics. The joke doing the rounds is that she doesn’t want to take away her brother’s only source of employment. Frankly speaking, there is a lot of truth in this logic as well considering the fact that if she decided to throw her hat in the electoral politics, the party will definitely be divided in two, at least initially. One lobby will support her and another for Rahul! This division will not be good for Congress at all and might give fodder to other parties who will milk the situation to their benefit!

Secondly, she currently has her husband, Robert Vadra as a major liability in terms of land scams and corruption cases against him. It will be difficult for her to keep herself away from his wrong doings and the stains on her political journey will be too hard to be removed for any victory.

In short, even though she is the ultimate Ace who can make Congress count again, she is tied down due to the inefficiencies of her own immediate family members. The only factor that can work against her personally as of now is that no one knows her political views and vision in detail. She has been capturing the common man’s imagination purely due to her strong resemblance to her grandmother, late Mrs. Indira Gandhi and for her no-nonsense attitude visible during her electoral promotions in support of her mom, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and brother. Add on to it her gift of the gab, her ability to give right sound bites and her charisma and you have a winner on hand!

May be more than her own willingness to join politics, the atmosphere isn’t conducive enough for her to step into electoral politics. She has to enter only when she is assured of a massive victory, kind of a big bang in politics. Anything less than that will not befitting the potential Queen of Indian Politics!

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