Happy Birthday : Long live Pradhan Sevak Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi

Prime Minister Modi

Grand Birthday Celebrations for worthy son of Bharat Mata at national level as Seva Divas is great Idea.

This may have been conceived by some fertile mind. Some high ups may have decided to carry on the idea in a hurry. We wish ‘good luck’ to all of them and wish most memorable birthday to our Lokpriya Prime Minister.

Birthday is historical day for one and all which falls every year.

Sri Aurobindo believes that one gets connected with one’s divine self on birthday. Therefore this becomes more significant to measure one’s progress: spiritual as well as otherwise. For Prime Minister Modi, this may be a moment to evaluate his political journey also alongside blessings of mother.

He made his choices very early in his childhood. He has gone to be pracharak of ‘ Sangh’ and willingly sacrificed personal attachments. He lived in hibernation for three years. He dared to go beyond family ties to serve humanity at large. He lived days of austerity out of his own free will. He did not think out of box on many occasions. He has guts to face challenges head on. He faced falls to bounce back after hardships of life especially in his political ups and downs. He was thrown out of Gujarat by his political rivals and meant to be called back to become Chief Minister.

Such people are rare who do not take defeat as final word. More significant fact is having clarity of mind which enables one to decide how she or he wants to be remembered in history.

We know well that Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan chosen to be remembered as a teacher. Our first prime minister Nehru was children’s loveable Chacha. The birthday of president Kalam is declared world youth divas by UN. And Modi’s birthday is being decided to be celebrated as Seva divas today i.e September 17, 2016. There is all rational basis to support the idea as he calls himself ‘Pradhan sevak’.

Yet there is tremendous scope to let the raw idea to grow and take its own course in future.

Most humbly we wish to suggest that Seva does not mean only swachhata. That is one of many programmes initiated by Prime Minister Modi. The most important Seva karya is serving sick in need. Let there be no death because of lack of medical facility. Wish all poor people may have right to life and health in word and spirit. Secondly let there be no death because of starvation. Food for all is integral part of Indian spirituality. We adhere to ‘ bhukha pyasa pada padosi tu ne roti khai kyon’ which means ‘ why have you eaten if your neighbor is hungary’!

Definitely this is our Indian tradition to celebrate birthday to share food with fellow beings. We salute our dear Prime Minister Modi who has chosen to be remembered as Pradhan sevak.

Let there be longest list of followers joining hands to serve humanity today to celebrate birthday of our beloved prime minister Sri Narender Damodardass Modi.

We wish Modi Ji a healthy long life. May his dreams be true and his visions be realised in his lifetime.

Long live our hon’ble Prime Minister Modi as Pradhan sewak!

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