This Video Will Make You Realize What Exactly Is Wrong With This World!


This old Social experiment by DM Pranks Productions is surely an eye opener for all of us.

This video made me realize what exactly is wrong with this world, and sadly it’s us!

In this social experiment you can see how people react when they witness violence against women. Do they stop? Or carry on and ignore the violence?

Well as expected most of the people didn’t even care to stop. They just do what we are good at- Ignoring!

Aren’t we good at just ignoring and carrying on?

To those who cared to stop- Hats off to you! You still make us feel humanity is alive.

Do you know 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime? This wasn’t inside a locked room, that one can not hear the scream, it was in front of all, but I guess we have forgotten we are human and we have a heart that knows right or wrong. We don’t even care about the suffering of others, yes there are some who do, but majority don’t and that’s exactly where we are going wrong. We have stopped feeling, we have stopped caring, and we have forgotten we are humans…

Ask yourself would you stop violence against women? Forget women, but against anyone? Will you?

Wait a min, let me make it easier for you, would you stop violence against your own sister, or friend or any closed one?

It gave you that feel no? The day we treat the world like our own, things like these will automatically stop.

Saving humanity is in your hand, my hand, our hand! Lets save humanity before it gets extinct.

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